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Will The Sex Life Be Affected During The First Trimester?

During the first trimester, your body will experience many changes that can affect how you feel about sex. For example, it’s the time when many women find that their weight has changed drastically, making them feel self-conscious or ashamed about the way they look. In addition, many people know that morning sickness can put a damper on your appetite and limit your interest in food and drink, but did you know that sex drive might also diminish during the first trimester? Below, learn more about how your sex life may change during the first trimester of pregnancy and what to do about it!

Learn About Why Changes Happen?

More often than not, a woman’s libido will dip slightly throughout her pregnancy. For example, during her first trimester, a woman might feel nauseous or tired, which can seriously sap her desire to make love. Some women also experience swelling in their genitals, a.k.a. pregnancy pizzle, which can impede sensation and arousal.

And while there are plenty of ways to spice things up in bed, toys and lingerie play a significant role; it might take some time for you and your partner to get back into your standard groove of things as new parents-to-be. As long as you’re staying safe and enjoying yourself, it’s okay if your sex life takes a bit of a hit during your first trimester. By week 13, when morning sickness usually subsides, most couples find themselves going hot and heavy again. Plus, once you start feeling better about yourself and more comfortable with your body, the odds are good that so will your partner!

How Will Be The Effects On Women?

Many women notice changes in their bodies during pregnancy, and these bodily changes can affect their sex life. For example, nausea or extreme fatigue may make it challenging to get frisky, while others might have aversions to specific positions. However, this doesn’t mean you have to abstain from intimacy altogether; instead, try alternative positions that don’t require much mobility. Or try erotic massage or kissing to reconnect with your partner without pressuring yourself.

How Will Be The Effects On Men?

It’s common if you have trouble getting it up or even sustaining an erection while having sex. Many men complain of erectile dysfunction during pregnancy. It happens because your body produces a lot of oestrogens, which can impair your libido and make it harder to get it up. Men may also have less sperm and semen production while their partner is pregnant.

Should You Or Should You Not Worry About Intimacy During Pregnancy?

Expectant mothers should know that there are no particular health concerns they have to deal with regarding sex. As long as mom is feeling well, she can enjoy having sexual intercourse until labour begins. In case you’re worried about awkwardness and other negative emotions, think again: studies have shown that women are more likely to orgasm while pregnant than at any additional time! So go ahead and have some fun without fear of repercussions!

Some Final Points To Have Better Intimacy With Your Partner

It is common to feel more insecure during your pregnancy, and it can impact your love life as well. Here are a few strategies to improve intimacy with your partner and still enjoy each other’s company

1) Try to get enough sleep at night. Sleep deprivation has been linked to low libido in men and women.

2) Keep things interesting in bed by trying new positions that aren’t too strenuous on your body.

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Will The Sex Life Be Affected During The First Trimester?

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