Week 39

This Week’s Highlights


Congratulations! Your child is now full term. Meaning he is extra prone to be born wholesome than infants born earlier.

Keep lively

Walking is a protected exercise to proceed all through all 9 months of being pregnant. Shoot for 20 to half-hour a day.

Able to breastfeed?

The extra you nurse, the extra milk you’ll produce: Eight to 12 occasions each 24 hours is just about heading in the right direction.

39 weeks is what number of months?

You are in your ninth month!

Child growth at week 39

Lastly full-time period!

Your child is a full-time period this week and ready to greet the world! The complete period is 39 to 40 weeks. Infants born earlier than 37 weeks are preterm, 37 to 38 weeks is an early period, 41 weeks is the late period, and people born after 42 are post-term.

Nonetheless plumping up

He continues to construct a layer of fats to assist management of his physique temperature after beginning, nevertheless, it’s seemingly that your child already measures about 20 inches and weighs a bit over 7 kilos. (Boys are usually barely heavier than ladies.)

Your child is concerning the dimension of a mini-watermelon

Being pregnant signs throughout week 39

Kick, kick, kicking

Hold taking note of your baby’s movements. Let your physician or midwife know instantly if they appear to lower. Your child ought to stay lively proper as much as supply, and a noticeable slowdown in exercise could be an indication of an issue.

Ripening cervix?

At a prenatal checkup, your supplier would possibly do an inner examination to see whether or not your cervix has begun ripening: softening, effacing (scaling down), and dilating (opening). However, even with this data, there’s nonetheless no strategy to predict precisely when your child is coming.

Leaking fluid?

Name your supplier in case you assume your water may have broken. Generally, there is a massive gush of fluid, however, typically there’s solely a small gush or a sluggish leak. (Do not attempt to make the analysis yourself. Name even in case you solely suspect you leak.) In case your water breaks however contractions do not begin quickly, and you may be induced.

Being pregnant guidelines at week 39 pregnant

Study your physique after beginning

It is regular to nonetheless look pregnant after you ship. (It took 9 months to get right here, in any case!) Be taught what to expect from your body.

Fill up on gentle leisure

Make a listing of exhibits to stream, purchase or borrow magazines and books, or subscribe to some new podcasts. You might want a distraction through the lengthy hours of early labor.

Purchase nursing bras

When you’re planning to breastfeed and have not purchased nursing bras but, now’s the time. Deliver them to the hospital – you may need them for consolation and assistance.

Pregnancy trimester 3 week 39 pregnant bellies

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