In this article, we will discuss the signs and symptoms in the Pregnancy Trimester 2 Week 23 and also the child’s growth.

Week 23

This Week’s Highlights

Secure being pregnant train

For many anticipating mothers, train is just not solely protected, it is beneficial for a wholesome being pregnant. Select from these safe pregnancy workouts.

High being pregnant meals

Salmon helps with fetal mind improvement. Eggs assist stop sure start defects. Avocados can chase away leg cramps. And that is solely the start! Listed here are the best foods for pregnancy.

Child title inspiration

Has the baby-naming recreation left you stumped? In the event you’re recent out of concepts, attempt our Baby Names Finder.

23 weeks is what number of months?

You are in your sixth month!

Child growth at 23 weeks

Listening to you

Your child can hear sounds from outdoors your physique now, comparable to your voice or your companion’s. Analysis reveals infants study to acknowledge their mom’s voice contained in the womb, and present a transparent choice for her voice over others.

Your child’s digestive system

The wave-like actions that propel meals alongside your child’s digestive tract start now. As with swallowing, it is simply practiced to your child’s system at this level since there is no precise meals to maneuver.

Child motion

These refined flutters you’ve got seen could start to really feel stronger. As a substitute for one thing like butterfly wings, baby movements will evolve into light kicks and jabs. At 23 weeks, you may start making notes of patterns related to your child’s motion. Are they extra lively after you eat? Do they get a bit wild while you lie down for the evening?

Your child is concerning the dimension of a large mango

Being pregnant signs throughout week 23

Linea nigra

Additionally referred to as the being pregnant line, the linea nigra is a darkish, vertical line most pregnant ladies develop on their rising child bump throughout their second trimester. Larger-than-usual ranges of hormones act on the cells that include melanin, which supplies your pores and skin its shade. (Enjoyable reality: You at all times have the road down your stomach, but it surely’s normally not seen.) Although most ladies will develop the linea nigra throughout being pregnant, it is most distinguished in ladies with darkish pores and skin and darkish hair. After your being pregnant, the linea nigra ought to fade over just a few weeks to months, although in some ladies it could not disappear fully.

Breast modifications

The obvious pregnancy breast change is one you are in all probability very conscious of: Your breasts develop! Now that you just’re within the second half of being pregnant, you may additionally discover that the veins in your breasts are extra distinguished and your areolas (the pigmented space round your nipples) are darkening. As your due date attracts close to, your breasts might leak colostrum. This high-protein, the antibody-rich liquid is the primary milk your child will eat after they’re born. It is regular in case your breasts leak drops of this thick, yellowish substance throughout being pregnant – but it surely’s nothing to fret about if they do not.

Being pregnant cravings

Now that your urge for food has doubtless returned (maybe stronger than ever), you could be having intense cravings. Most girls will crave a minimum of one particular meals throughout being pregnant, and plenty of crave quite a lot of totally different meals. Whereas it is not clear what causes pregnancy cravings, some consultants suspect altering hormones performs a task. It is nice to eat what sounds good. Simply do not let any unhealthy cravings overpower your want for nutritious food during pregnancy. To maintain urges for salty and candy snacks in test, eat a diversified food plan stuffed with fruits and veggies, complete grains, and protein day-after-day.

Imaginative and prescient modifications

Many ladies have gentle and momentary vision changes throughout being pregnant, comparable to turning into extra nearsighted or having blurry imaginative and prescient. Being pregnant modifications in hormones, metabolism, fluid retention and circulation can all have an effect on your eyesight. It is sensible to concentrate to imaginative and prescient modifications as a result of some can sign critical well being problems throughout being pregnant, comparable to preeclampsia, eclampsia, and hyperthyroidism. In the event you’re experiencing momentary imaginative and prescient loss, having severely blurry imaginative and prescient or double imaginative and prescient, or seeing flashing lights name your healthcare supplier instantly.


Is “being pregnant mind” actual? It is not clear, however some suppose forgetfulness during pregnancy could also be brought on by sleep disruptions, altering hormones, stress, and mental modifications. In the event, you’re forgetting names or missing focus, loads of anticipating mothers say they really feel some mind fog. However, take into account. The analysis is not clear that being pregnant mind exists or that it impacts each anticipating mother. Pregnant ladies who do discover it sometimes expertise minor, manageable forgetfulness. And having a being pregnant mind doesn’t suggest you are not as sensible and successful as ever.

Being pregnant guidelines at 23 weeks pregnant

Determine whether or not to rent a doula

A doula is a trained labor coach who will help you throughout labor and supply. In the event you’re considering hiring one, it is a good suggestion to begin your search within the second trimester. You possibly can ask your doctor, start class teacher, or pals for a referral. It is essential to discover a doula who’s the correct match for you. You will need to ask potential start doulas about their coaching, expertise, schedule, and references.

Write a letter to your child

This could be a transferring memento to share along with your baby later. Jot down you’re being pregnant experiences and your hopes and goals for your child’s future. Or if writing is not your factor, put collectively a collage or pregnant mementoes like your ultrasound photographs. Ultimately, you may add playing cards you get at your baby shower, the infant that you get at the hospital, and your child’s coming-home outfit.

Sleep in your aspect

To get one of the best relaxations throughout being pregnant, consultants advocate sleeping on your side. Some healthcare suppliers will advise you to sleep in your left aspect particularly as a result it retains stress off of the vein that brings blood again out of your legs to your coronary heart, selling higher circulation for you and your child. That stated, there is no laborious proof that sleeping in your left aspect is healthier. Then be at liberty to decide on the aspect that is snug for you. For a lot of ladies, this implies switching forwards and backwards. In the event, you’re struggling to get your aspect, spend money on a pregnancy pillow for a higher hip.

Begin getting ready your physique for labor

Now’s a very good time to begin doing workout routines that may assist you throughout labour and start. Girls who train throughout pregnancy could have much less ache and discomfort throughout labour, also it decreases the fee of C-section birth, and sooner postpartum recovery. Listed here are step-by-step directions for exercises that help with labour, pelvic ground workout routines, and respiration methods.

Pregnancy Trimesters 2 week 23 pregnant bellies

Your child goes to double in weight within the subsequent month or so! Prepare for an increased appetite and a quickly rising bump, which might throw off your heart of gravity. Remember to take it sluggish, keep away from unsafe activities that improve your threat of falling, use warning when lifting heavy things, and check out prenatal yoga to enhance your steadiness. It’s possible you’ll be gaining about one pound per week throughout your second trimester – use our Weight Gain Calculator to see the way you’re monitoring.

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