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Sterilizers and Warmer

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Star and Daisy strive to access the complete convenience to both mother and the baby. The baby gets all the vital nutrition from mother. If the mother is not healthy, then it directly impacts the health of baby as well. If the mother is strong and caressed, only then she will be able to provide all the essentials to the baby needs. For such reasons, the prenatal care and availability of maternity essentials become a necessity.

Our primary objective of providing the mother friendly products is to support the mother in her special days. Through Star and Daisy’s mother collection, we aim to attain the targets of easing the pregnancy complications, protecting mother from catching the diseases, making sure that both mother and baby are safe and getting adequate supply of nutrition and accessing the complete comfort to the mother.

For the purpose we offer various maternity essentials and mother care products to caress the mothers in every possible way. We have a wider collection of maternity essentials specially made for her and her little one. Our collection includes both pregnancy and post pregnancy essentials.

Apart from the aim of fulfilling the needs of a mother, we make sure that all the products are 100% safe and non – toxic for the mother and the baby. We provide the products that you can trust and put our best efforts to keep that trust alive.

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