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Fading first-trimester signs

As you cruise into the second trimester, chances are you’ll get some aid from early pregnant signs reminiscent of tender breasts, fatigue, food aversions, morning sickness, and the constant need to pee.

Breastfeeding prep

You’ll be able to feel it, however, your breasts could have already begun making colostrum, the nutrient-rich fluid that feeds your child for the primary few days after delivery, earlier than your milk begins to stream. Later in being pregnant, your breasts could leak a bit of colostrum.

Making a child registry

Our Registry Builder will allow you to maintain all of your child registries organized, and there is just one hyperlink to ship family and friends.

13 weeks is what number of months?

You are in your third month!

Child growth at week 13

Your child can pee!

Your child has begun swallowing amniotic fluid and excreting urine, recycling the complete quantity of fluid every few hours.

Making meconium

As your child swallows amniotic fluid, addition they produce meconium. This black, sticky substance accumulates within the bowels and turns into your new child’s first poop.

Enamel and bones

Bones are starting to harden in your child’s skeleton, particularly longer bones and the cranium. Your child’s teeth and bones have gotten denser.

Your child is concerning the dimension of a peapod

Being pregnant signs throughout week 13


Occasional cramping throughout pregnant is frequent. It might be brought on by something from gas and bloating to round ligament pain. Generally, slight motion, a scorching bathtub or bathing, ingesting extra fluids, or mendacity down can do the trick to ease stomach ache. However, in some instances, cramping can sign an issue. Name your physician or midwife if your cramping does not go away after several minutes of relaxation, the cramping or ache is extreme, you could have an ache or uncommon sensitivity in your higher stomach, or you could have different signs comparable to fever or dizziness.

Returning urge for food

For those who’ve suffered from morning sickness and food aversions till now, you could get some welcome reduction within the subsequent few weeks as you enter the second trimester. As your urge for food returns, food cravings could pop up. Some specialists suppose that cravings for sure meals are linked to a girl’s dietary wants, however many suppose that being pregnant cravings cannot be defined that simply.

Stuffy nostril

Are you congested currently? Practically one-third of pregnant girls get a stuffy nose because of hormones and elevated blood quantity. Nevertheless, when you’ve got a fever, coughing, sore throat, or swollen glands, it is in all probability a chilly or one other infection. Discover out which cold medicines are safe while you’re anticipating, and eat foods high in vitamin C to maintain your immune system sturdy.

Seen veins

As a result of your physique producing 30 to 50 % extra blood throughout being pregnant, your veins enlarge and are extra seen. Chances are you’ll begin seeing blue, distinguished veins throughout your chest, breasts, and stomach. You might also develop varicose veins in your legs and decrease your physique as your uterus grows. Fortunately, these often disappear or enhance after you could have your child.

Vaginal discharge

It’s very regular to have extra vaginal discharge throughout being pregnant: It is due to increased ranges of estrogen. In case your discharge is odorless or mild-smelling and milky white, there isn’t any want for concern. However name your healthcare supplier when you’ve got a discharge that is grey, yellow, or inexperienced; causes ache or itching, or appears uncommon in every other manner. This might be an indication of an infection or one other downside.


Hormonal and bodily adjustments throughout being pregnant can result in heartburn (additionally known as acid indigestion or acid reflux disease). It is a disagreeable burning sensation between your decreased throat and the underside of your breast bone. For those who’re having heartburn, keep away from spicy and acidic meals. Strive to consume smaller meals, consume slowly, and chew gum after consuming to neutralize your abdomen acids. If that does not assist, ask your supplier about pregnancy-safe heartburn medicines.

Being pregnant guidelines at week 13 pregnancy

Prepare for extra prenatal visits

Throughout the second trimester, you will sometimes see your physician or midwife as soon as every 4 weeks. Discover what is going to occur at second-trimester prenatal appointments.

Top off on wholesome being pregnant meals

Throughout being pregnant, a good diet is extra necessary than ever. However, it may be exhausting to eat effectively whenever you’re coping with nausea, meals aversions, heartburn, or indigestion. Do your finest to include these healthy pregnancy snacks and pregnancy superfoods into your weight-reduction plan. Throughout being pregnant you want plenty of protein and wholesome fat, and extra of sure nutritional vitamins and minerals (comparable to folic acid, iron, and calcium). See our listing of the pregnancy nutrients you want.

Find out about pregnant issues

It is good to know the indicators of widespread pregnancy complications simply in case. Your healthcare supplier will monitor you for these circumstances (comparable to gestational diabetes and preeclampsia) all through your being pregnant. Nevertheless, it’s useful in case you’re conscious of the warning indicators of those and different issues.

Attempt sleeping in your facet

Consultants say the perfect pregnancy sleeping position is in your facet, particularly as you get nearer to mid-pregnancy. Aspect sleeping places the least stress on your veins and inner organs. This ensures the perfect bloodstream to the uterus, which suggests your child will get the most vitamins and oxygen. Good circulation additionally helps you keep away from swelling, varicose veins in your legs and hemorrhoids. If side-sleeping is not your factor, do not surrender till you’ve got tried a pregnancy pillow – the correct one could make a serious distinction in your sleep consolation.

Have intercourse in case you feel as much as it

Generally, sex during pregnancy is completely secure. Many ladies discover their libido plummets within the first trimester because of exhaustion and nausea. However, for a lot of, intercourse drive returns within the second trimester. Some excellent news: Due to elevated bloodstream, intercourse throughout pregnancy could feel higher than ever. And having intercourse throughout being pregnant will not harm your child. They’re protected by your uterus and a layer of muscle tissues and are safely cushioned by the encompassing amniotic fluid. The mucus plug inside your cervix helps guard in opposition to an infection.

Get monetary savings on maternity garments

You could be enthusiastic about purchasing maternity garments, or chances are you’ll be dreading spending cash on a brand new wardrobe you will solely put on for a restricted time. Fortunately, there are many choices for locating affordable maternity clothes. You may seek for used maternity garments online or at secondhand and consignment outlets. Clothes swap teams on social media (or individual) are one other good method to discover cute maternity garments without breaking the financial institution.

Pregnancy Trimester 2 Week 13 pregnant bellies

You are one-third of how (or extra) by way of your being pregnant at the finish of this week! Although being pregnant is completely different for everybody, you are in all probability completely satisfied to say goodbye to the primary trimester and hiya to the second. Now’s the time when you may begin getting extra vitality, feeling extra like yourself, and looking more visibly pregnant. The highest of your uterus is shifting up and out of your pelvis, making your bump extra noticeable to anybody who’s wanting carefully.

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