Week 16

This Week’s Highlights

A child kicks coming quickly

You may in all probability begin feeling your baby move between 16 and 22 weeks, almost certainly if you’re sitting or mendacity quietly. Veteran mothers normally discover the primary refined flutters, often called “quickening,” sooner than first-time mothers.

Being pregnant glow

Glowing pores and skin throughout being pregnant is not a fantasy – it is an actual factor that occurs due to fluctuating hormone ranges and elevated bloodstream. You are almost certainly to have a pregnancy glow within the second trimester.

Dreaming of a babymoon?

When you’re planning to take one final journey earlier than you add to your loved ones, take a look at these tips about having an unbelievable babymoon.

16 weeks is what number of months?

You are in your fourth month!

Child growth at week 16

Delicate child pores and skin

Your child’s pores and skin is skinny and translucent. It would thicken and develop as pregnancy progress, however, will proceed to be virtually clear for fairly a while.

Scalp patterning

In your child’s scalp, hair follicles are forming a sample that can stay for all times. This patterning unit the stage for the way your baby’s hair will develop. New hair follicles do not kind after delivery, so infants are born with all of the hair follicles they will ever have.

Coronary heart at work

Your baby’s heart is now pumping about 25 quarts of blood every day, and this quantity will proceed to extend as your toddler develops.

Your child is concerning the dimension of a avocado

Being pregnant signs throughout week 16

Spherical ligament ache

As your superb uterus grows, the spherical ligaments that help it are thickening and stretching. Sadly, this will result in a pointy, stabbing ache on one or each side of your stomach known as round ligament pain. If this occurs, attempt to cease and relaxation – spherical ligament ache ought to ease up shortly. When you nonetheless really feel cramping after resting, name your physician or midwife.

Fuel and bloating

Your physique is producing far more fuel than standard due to the hormone progesterone, which relaxes muscle mass all through your physique – together with your digestive tract. These relaxed muscle mass decelerate your digestion, resulting in extra gas and bloating and uncomfortable sensations in your intestine. To get aid from fuel, eat smaller, extra frequent meals and take your time when consuming. Keep away from carbonated drinks and the substitute sweetener sorbitol. And get transferring – a fast stroll can get your digestion transferring.


Is “pregnancy brain” actual? Researchers aren’t positive, however many moms-to-be reports having moments of absentmindedness and hassle focusing. Nobody is aware of precisely why this occurs, nevertheless, it appears seemingly {that a} mixture of stress and anxiousness, fatigue, and hormones might result in forgetfulness throughout being pregnant. When you’re having a hassle holding monitor of issues in your day-by-day life, attempt simplifying wherever potential, asking for assistance, and utilizing your telephone’s calendar and different apps to remain organized.

Being pregnant complications

Complications throughout being pregnant are widespread and might be brought on by stress, dehydration, lack of sleep, cutting back on caffeine, hormonal adjustments, and different common issues. In case you have an extreme headache within the second or third trimester, nonetheless, it might be an indication of preeclampsia. Name your supplier when you’ve got a nasty headache or a headache for the primary time.

Being pregnant guidelines at week 16 pregnant

Examine second-trimester prenatal checks

New trimester, new prenatal tests. Around 16 to 18 weeks, you could be provided a check for Alpha Fetal Protein (AFP) to assist in the display screen for neural tube defects. This check is not as correct because of the anatomy ultrasound, nonetheless, which you may have in a couple of weeks. Should you display a screen optimistic, your physician will refer you to a specialist for a complete ultrasound. 

Keep away from unsafe actions

As your stomach grows, it is necessary to avoid unsafe activities that carry an excessive threat of falling. The Thing that can trigger trauma to your stomach. Meaning scuba diving, contact sports activities, snowboarding, downhill snowboarding, four-wheelers, horseback driving, and a few amusement park rides are off-limits.

Monitor your weight to achieve

Your caregiver will monitor your weight to ensure you’re in a wholesome vary and gaining at a very good tempo. You may also use our pregnancy weight gain calculator to remain on observation.

Begin a child names record

This is a great way to provide you with baby names you and your companion can dwell with. Make an inventory of ten names you want. Also Have your companion do the identical. Commerce lists and take turns crossing off names you do not love till you (hopefully) have some in widespread.

Speak to your child

Although you’ll be able to have a face-to-face chat, speaking to your child is an effective way to start the bonding course. If having a precise dialog appears too odd, narrate your actions, learn out loud, or share your secret needs with your baby. Writing a letter to your baby can also be a particular technique to join, now and when your baby reads the letter sometime.

Pregnancy Trimester 2 Week 16 pregnant bellies

Your physique is working laborious – to point out it some additional love. Use a maternity help garment in the event you’re feeling the ache in your hips or groin, improve your bras and underwear, and get a pregnancy pillow in the event you’re having bother getting comfy on the mattress. The best pillow can drastically enhance your sleep by supporting your again and stomach.

Contemplate investing in some cute flats or different good shoes for pregnancy – however, bear in mind that your toes will swell and even develop later in being pregnant, so you could wish to purchase a half or a complete dimension larger than your typical.

You might also wish to deal with yourself with a prenatal massage, a facial, or a manicure and pedicure. All are secure throughout being pregnant, so long as you are taking some primary precautions.

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