In this article, we will discuss the signs and symptoms in the Pregnancy Trimester 3 Week 29 and also the child’s growth

Week 29

This Week’s Highlights

Mind acquire

Between now and the beginning, your child’s mind triples in weight, and deep grooves develop to permit extra floor space for neurons.

Do we want a will?

Completely. If you do not have one, you permit the destiny of your child’s guardianship and your property within the court docket’s fingers.

Take off your rings now

When you wait till your fingers are too swollen, you might have to have your rings lower off by a jeweler.

29 weeks is what number of months?

You are in your seventh month!

Child growth at week 29

Constructing bone energy

Your child’s bones are absorbing a lot of calcium as they harden, so you’ll want to drink your milk (or discover one other good supply of calcium, reminiscent of cheese, yogurt, or enriched orange juice). About 250 milligrams of calcium are deposited in your child’s skeleton every day.

Respiratory room

The respiratory sacs on the suggestions of your child’s lung branches have begun making a substance known as surfactant, which retains them inflated when there’s not numerous air within the lungs (when exhaling, for instance). Whereas her lungs are nonetheless immature, they might be able to function – with numerous medical help – if she have been to be born now.

Pregnancy Trimester 2 Week 26, Child growth

Your child is concerning the dimension of a butternut squash

Being pregnant signs throughout week 29

Gasoline and bloating

The being pregnant hormone progesterone relaxes easy muscle tissue all through your body, together with your gastrointestinal tract. This rest, coupled with the crowding in your stomach, slows digestion. Sluggish digestion could cause gas and heartburn, particularly after a giant meal – and donate to constipation.


Your rising uterus may additionally be contributing to hemorrhoids. These swollen blood vessels in your rectal space are frequent throughout pregnancy. Happily, they normally clear up within the weeks after giving the beginning.


Some ladies get one thing known as “supine hypotensive syndrome” throughout being pregnant. This occurs when lying flat on your back causes a change in coronary heart fee and blood stress that makes you’re feeling dizzy till you modify the place. You may also discover that you simply really feel lightheaded for those who arise too shortly.

Being pregnant guidelines at week 29 pregnant

Discover a physician in your child

Earlier than you choose a doctor for your baby, get advice, and attempt to arrange personal assembly. Be certain that the physician accepts your medical health insurance and has a workplace that is handy for you.

Assemble your child’s gear

That is the right job for your accomplice or a good friend who desires to assist. Cribs, bassinets, and strollers might be difficult to place collectively, particularly whenever you’re sleep-deprived, so do it now!

Plan your maternity depart

Get the entire lowdown on maternity leave, plus see our maternity leave checklist and browse actual tales of how moms made it work.

Pregnancy Trimester 3 Week 29 Pregnant bellies

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