In this article, we will discuss the signs and symptoms in the Pregnancy Trimester 2 Week 19 and also the child’s growth

Week 19

This Week’s Highlights

Rainbow infants

Should you be pregnant after a loss, you could wrestle with blended feelings like fear, pleasure, worry, and pleasure. Listed here are methods to honour your expertise and have a good time with your rainbow baby.

Child bathe planning

Have a baby shower or baby sprinkle? It is not too early to speak to the host concerning the theme and whom to ask.

Child identify concepts

For inspiration, try these child names impressed by nature, outer space, and love.

Week 19 is what number of months?

You are in your fifth month!

Child growth at week 19


The pores and skin in your child’s fingers and toes have fashioned distinct patterns. These fingerprints (and toeprints) are everlasting and distinctive – even amongst similar twins!

Your child’s senses

Your child’s sensory growth is exploding. Their brain is designating specialized areas for odour, style, listening to, imagination and prescient, and contact.

Vernix caseosa

A white, waxy coating known as vernix caseosa is forming in your child’s pores and skin. Vernix has many advantages: It protects and moisturizes your child’s pores and skin, protects against dangerous microorganisms, and helps the lungs and digestive tract develop.

Your child is concerning the dimensions of a heirloom tomato

Being pregnant signs throughout week 19

Spherical ligament ache

As your uterus grows, the ligaments that join it to your pelvis stretch and thicken. This could trigger a pointy, stabbing ache known as round ligament pain. If a spherical ligament ache strikes, cease and relax should you can, and keep away from actions or positions that set off it. Spherical ligament ache is transient and will ease rapidly.

Stomach ache

Should you’re having abdominal cramping and it does not go away with relaxation, name your physician or midwife. Additionally name if the cramping causes extreme aches, or is accompanied by one other symptom like fever or dizziness. One other warning signal: You might have aches within the higher stomach, or your stomach is unusually delicate to the touch, particularly when strain is launched (this might sign a stomach infection).

Pores and skin adjustments

Are the palms of your fingers purple? It is from additional estrogen. You might also have patches of darkened pores and skin in your higher lip, cheeks, and brow – that is known as melasma or the “masks of being pregnant.” Being pregnant hormones act on the cells that include melanin, which may additionally result in the darkening of your nipples, freckles, scars, underarms, internal thighs, and vulva. Additionally, you will most likely see a darkened line working out of your stomach button to your pubic bone – that is the linea nigra, or “darkish line.” All these adjustments in pigmentation ought to fade after being pregnant.


One in 5 pregnant ladies has nosebleeds, because of elevated blood quantity. Pregnancy causes the blood vessels in your nostril to increase, which makes them break and bleed extra typically. That is more likely to occur if you have chilly or allergy symptoms, otherwise, you’re in notably dry air. Should you get a bloody nostril throughout being pregnant, sit down and lean ahead while preserving your head larger than your coronary heart. Pinch the decreased part of your nostril together with your thumb and index finger for 10 to fifteen minutes, respiration by way of your mouth. You may also apply chilly to the bridge of your nostril to constrict the blood vessels and sluggish the bleeding.

Shortness of breath

Feeling out of breath currently? You are not imagining it – you want extra oxygen throughout being pregnant. Plus, later in being pregnant, your respiration may feel extra laboured as your rising uterus places strain on your diaphragm. Should you be feeling breathless, pause and relax. But when your shortness of breath is sudden or extreme, or you’ve different troubling signs like a fast or irregular heartbeat, name your supplier. If you cannot attain them, name 911 or go to the ER.

Being pregnant guidelines at week 19 pregnant

Embrace your pregnant physique sort

It is attainable to seek out cute maternity garments that flatter your body type whether or not you are petite, curvy, or carrying excessive or low. Crucial fashion tip of all: Be sure to feel comfy and assured.

Take into consideration childcare

It is sensible to look into childcare options now should you want common care for your child. Ask native father or mother buddies for suggestions and search online. Should you dwell in a space the place daycare centres are in excessive demand, go on a couple of excursions and put your identity on ready lists. Remember the fact that it may well take time to discover a good match. You will most likely see different anticipating mothers and fathers in your excursions!

Plan one thing enjoyable

Take a second to get pleasure from this baby-free time. Some concepts: Purchase tickets for efficiency or dwell music, go to a late-night film, wait in line at your favourite Sunday-morning breakfast place, or take a day journey close by. Or, go huge and plan a babymoon.

Enhance your sleep

It does not matter how decided you’re to relax earlier than your child comes, your physique has different plans. Whether or not you continually need to pee, really feel anxious, cannot get comfortable in bed, wake up hungry, have heartburn, leg cramps, or simply plain insomnia – getting sufficient sleep throughout being pregnant could be a wrestle. However, that does not imply you should not attempt! There are many issues you can do to sleep higher tonight, from altering what and once you eat or drink to training in good sleep hygiene and having the right pillow. Learn the fundamentals of getting a very good night time’s sleep during pregnancy, and do not hesitate to ask your physician or midwife for a tailor-made recommendation.

Join different mothers and father

Folks in the identical stage of parenting could be a lifeline. Discover a group of non-judgmental mothers and fathers, whether or not that is an in-person mom’s group, or a prenatal yoga class, within the BabyCenter Community. Take a look at your birth club. Begin constructing relationships with different mothers and fathers and parents-to-be now so you will have some stable connections by the point your child arrives.

Pregnancy Trimester 2 Week 19 Pregnant bellies

Typically, anticipating mothers fear they appear extra pregnant or much less pregnant than they are sure. However, there is no set method for the way, and once you start to show. So long as your healthcare supplier says your child is growing properly and also you’re on track with weight gain, there is no motive to fret.

There are lots of reasons why you’ll have a much bigger child bump at 19 weeks:

  • It is not your first being pregnant. Ladies anticipating their second could begin to present earlier, as a result of their muscle tissue having been stretched by an earlier pregnancy.
  • You are quick. Quick ladies could present earlier or have a larger-looking bump, as a result of they’ve much less area for the infant to fill, lengthwise.
  • Your child is positioned in your uterus in a manner that maximizes your bump.
  • You are having twins or multiples.
  • You’ve got gained extra weight throughout being pregnant.
    And causes you’ll have a smaller child bump:

It is your first being pregnant.

  • You are tall. Tall ladies could have a smaller-looking bump, as a result of they’ve more room for the infant to fill, lengthwise.
  • Your child is positioned in your uterus in a manner that minimizes your bump.
  • You might have strong core muscles. Ladies with stronger cores tend to point out later.
  • You are plus-size. It might take longer for a real child bump to appear.

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