In this article, we will discuss the signs and symptoms in the Pregnancy Trimester 3 Week 21 and also the child’s growth.

Week 21

This Week’s Highlights

Child kicks

Quickly, different individuals might be able to feel your baby move by placing a hand on your stomach. Your child’s preliminary fluttering actions will flip into full-fledged kicks and nudges.

Hiring a doula

A doula is an educated labor and delivery assistant who can assist you throughout your child’s delivery. Should you be searching for a doula, begin interviewing candidates quickly.

Swimming throughout being pregnant

Swimming is likely one of the greatest workouts for anticipating mothers. It is low-impact and mild in your physique and will help ease pregnancy aches and pains. As your stomach will get greater, it is further good to drift, weightless, within the water.

21 weeks is what number of months?

You are in your fifth month!

Child growth at week 21

Your child’s style buds

Your child has working taste buds and may style what you eat after they swallow your amniotic fluid.

Sucking reflex

Your child’s sucking reflex is beginning to develop, and your child can suck their thumb. (You could have seen this on an ultrasound!)


Your child’s pores and skin

Easy, beautiful pores and skin are in your child’s future. However, for now, their pores and skin are wrinkled and translucent. It seems crimson due to seen blood vessels.

Your child is concerning the dimension of a carrot

Pregnancy Trimester 2 Week 21

Being pregnant signs throughout week 21

Varicose veins

You are extra liable to varicose veins now. As you’re being pregnancy progress, the load of your uterus places growing strain on the veins in your legs. Greater progesterone ranges, which can trigger the partitions of your veins to loosen up, could make the issue worse. Decrease varicose veins by exercising every day, gaining your beneficial quantity of pregnancy weight, or avoiding crossing your legs or ankles while sitting, and never standing or sitting for lengthy intervals of time without shifting. Carrying compression socks can even assist by growing the bloodstream out of your legs.

Bleeding gums

About half of anticipating mothers get pregnancy gingivitis infected gums that bleed when brushed or flossed. It isn’t more likely to hurt your child or in any other case have an effect on your being pregnant except. If you’ve got extreme gum illness, which has been linked to some problems. Be sure to observe good oral hygiene by brushing twice every day and flossing every day. It is secure to go to the dentist during pregnancy it is particularly necessary to have common dental checkups, cleanings, and any vital therapies.


Beginning to feel a bit off steadiness or clumsy? As your stomach grows, your heart of gravity modifications, so you might start to often really feel a bit unsteady on your ft. Attempt to keep away from conditions with an excessive threat of falling; trauma to your stomach might be harmful to you and your child. Decelerate, keep away from dangerous duties (like climbing a ladder to alter a lightbulb), put on low-heeled shoes, and stroll further fastidiously on uneven, moist, or icy surfaces.

Braxton Hicks contractions

Braxton Hicks “observes” uterine contractions which are principally rare, irregular, and painless. They begin early in being pregnant, however, you most likely will not begin feeling them till around 21 weeks. (Some ladies by no means discover them, and that is okay, too.). It is most typical to have Braxton Hicks contractions at the finish of the day, whenever you’re dehydrated or have a full bladder, or throughout or after bodily actions together with sex. Braxton Hicks is innocent, however, they are often troublesome to differentiate from preterm labor. Should you’re having common contractions, or any signs of preterm labor, name your physician or midwife straight away.


Heartburn is a burning sensation that always extends from the underside of the breastbone to the decreased throat. It’s normal throughout being pregnant due to hormonal and bodily modifications. Many ladies expertise heartburns for the primary time whereas pregnant, and though it is usually innocent, it may be fairly uncomfortable. To get aid, try these methods to stop and decrease heartburn during pregnancy.

Weight achieve

At this level in being pregnant, you might be gaining about a pound a week. To study what a wholesome weight achieve is for you throughout being pregnant, discuss with your physician or midwife and use our Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator. Remember the fact that pointers aren’t set in stone. Your goal weight achievement will probably be different relying on your well-being wants. And if you happen to’re overweight, overweight, or underweight, it is particularly necessary to have a custom-made method for your pregnant weight achieve.

Being pregnant guidelines at week 21 pregnancy

Examine your rings

It’s normal to have some pregnancy-related swelling in your fingers because the weeks go on. In case your rings are feeling cosy, then take them off now earlier than they get caught. You may need to put on them in a series near your coronary heart. (Observe: When you’ve got greater than average bump in your arms, name your supplier.)

Keep away from unsafe actions

As your stomach grows, it is necessary to avoid unsafe activities which have an extreme threat of falling or different risks. That features scuba diving, contact sports activities, snowboarding, downhill snowboarding, sizzling yoga, horseback use, sizzling tubbing, 4-wheelers, water slides, and a few amusement park rides.

Overview your funds

Including a brand new member to the household changes every little thing, together with your funds. Taking the time to rearrange your finances to make room for your child can lower your stress range and assist you in feeling safer. Although it is most likely not the most attractive factor in your to-do listing, it is good to think about the big financial questions regarding insurance, taxes, wills, and childcare sooner rather than later.

Create your child registry

If you have not created a baby registry but, now is an efficient time. You are going to want plenty of baby products on your baby, so it is fantastic when family and friends chip in. Unsure the place to start? Our Baby Registry Builder makes it simple to decide on the most effective registries for your wants and resolve what to place on them.

Soothe your stress

Everybody has some stress in their lives. However, when it is fixed or overwhelming, it may trigger issues. Some researchers have linked continual stress during pregnancy to early birth, preeclampsia, and low birthweight. To soothe stress, attempt exercising, try to family and friends for assistance, and train mindfulness methods. In case your stress turns overwhelming, discuss it with your doctor.

Pregnancy Trimesters 3 week 21 pregnant bellies

This can be a golden time in being pregnant when your stomach is sufficiently big to look pregnant and lovely but not sufficiently big to make you tremendously uncomfortable. If you wish to flaunt your new curves, put on form-fitting garments or cinch a belt simply above your bump.

Fortunately, moms-to-be have much more type choices as of late. After churning out shapeless tent clothes for many years, retailers have heard the decision for lovely and trendy maternity garments. Try the most effective plus-size maternity clothing retailers and favourite maternity clothing brands as recognized by BabyCenter mothers and editors.

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