In this article, we will discuss the signs and symptoms in the Pregnancy Trimester 2 Week 24 and also the child’s growth.

Week 24

This Week’s Highlights

Being pregnant glow

The pregnancy glow you have seemingly heard a lot about is not a fable. Altering hormones, above-average oil manufacturing, and elevated blood circulation could make your pores and skin look flushed, shiny, and even radiant.

Uncommon child names

If you happen to’re not jazzed concerning the most popular baby names, try these uncommon and unusual baby names – Golden, Zen, Ajax, Booker, and extra.


Feeling a robust urge to wash and arrange your private home? You are most likely nesting. Getting ready your “nest” for a brand new child is an intuition widespread in people and animals.

24 weeks is what number of months?

You are in your sixth month!

Child growth at Week 24

Your child’s lungs

Respiratory sacs on the ideas of the smallest branches of your baby’s lungs are rising and multiplying, including extra floor space for the change of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Gaining weight

Your child cuts a reasonably lean determine at this level, however, their physique is filling out proportionally, and shortly they will begin to plump up. Their pores and skin continue to be skinny and translucent.

Elevating an eyebrow

Tiny eyebrows grew in your child’s face only a few weeks in the past. Nevertheless, Now your child could observe working their facial muscle tissues and elevating them.

Your child is concerning the dimension of an ear of corn

Being pregnant signs throughout week 24


If you happen to experience new pores and skin signs, like itchiness, hyperpigmentation, raised bumps, or hives, verify together with your physician or midwife. Most rashes during pregnancy are associated with allergy symptoms, contact dermatitis (contact with an irritant), or pores and skin infections – they don’t seem to be brought on by being pregnant.

However, a couple of being pregnant circumstances do trigger rashes and intense itching: the atopic eruption of being pregnant (AEP), pruritic urticarial papules, plaques of being pregnant (PUPPP), and pemphigoid gestationis.


Through the second trimester, some girls’ expertise recognizes gentle bleeding during pregnancy. This might be brought on by modifications to your cervix, irritation, or a benign cervical polyp. Recognizing throughout the second trimester is often innocent. Nevertheless, should you have expertise in common, heavier bleeding, search for medical consideration instantly.

Temper swings

Dramatic mood swings could have pale at 24 weeks pregnant – however, it’s completely regular to have them throughout the second trimester. Hormonal modifications, stress, fatigue, discomfort, and exhaustion can all result in heightened feelings. In case your temper swings have gotten extra frequent or extra intense. If they last more than two weeks, discuss with your doctor. You may be battling depression during pregnancy or pregnancy anxiety.

Shortness of breath

Although Feeling short of breath is widespread throughout being pregnant. Pregnant girls have an elevated want for oxygen and will feel breathless if their blood strain is greater throughout the pregnancy or if they’ve extra amniotic fluid. Altering hormones may trigger a sense of breathlessness due to the consequences. Progesterone has on your lungs and the respiratory heart in your mind. Whereas slight shortness of breath is regular throughout being pregnant, struggling to breathe, a persistent cough, and chest ache are all alerts to hunt quick medical care.

The elevated urge for food

Noticing an increased appetite? Within the second trimester, you may feel hungrier than ever earlier. It is solely pure: You want extra energy and vitamins now to assist your rising child and your altering physique. Through the second trimester, most pregnant girls want around 350 extra energy every day. Similarly If you happen to be involved in gaining too much weight, give attention to the standard of the meals you are consuming and select healthy snacks. Meals with loads of fibre, protein, wholesome fat, and sophisticated carbs will aid you to feel glad longer than packaged meals and easy carbohydrates.


Hormonal modifications set off a rise in melanin manufacturing throughout pregnancy. As a matter of fact, For some girls, it will trigger darkish patches of pores and skin referred to as melasma. These splotches most frequently seem on the cheeks, brow, higher lip, and forearms. Areas of your pores and skin that can be usually darker. Similarly, the areolas (the world around your nipples) and labia, may seem darker throughout being pregnant, too. For most ladies, melasma goes away after the beginning. However to reduce it in your face and arms throughout being pregnant, use sunscreen with SPF 30 or greater day by day or cowl your pores and skin with long sleeves and a hat.

Being pregnant guidelines at week 24 pregnant

Know the indicators of preterm labor

Learn up on indicators of preterm labour, simply in case. Call your doctor instantly when you have unusual discharge, vaginal bleeding, abdominal cramping, pelvic strain, or low back pain. Which might be amniotic fluid, which means your water has been damaged. About 10 % of infants in America are born prematurely. “Micro preemies” born at 24 weeks want several medical considerations. However, have a great likelihood of survival due to medical advances.

Get your private home baby-ready

Along with organizing, cleaning, and getting ready for your child’s house, take into consideration security. Our babyproofing checklist is an efficient place to start. Since you have bought some time earlier than your infant is on the transfer, begin with the fundamentals.

smoke and carbon

Ensuring your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order is a superb first step. Your state could carry out lead testing, probably without spending a dime or can refer you to a professional skilled.


Although You may get began with babyproofing after all, your child will spend probably the most time here.. Safe window blind cords, cowl shops with protectors and TVs to the partitions to allow them to tip over. Put locks on cupboards in the place you retail gadgets that might hurt your child (like cleansing merchandise).

Contemplate wire blood banking

Cord blood banking includes amassing the blood left in your new child’s umbilical wire and placenta. Following the beginning and storing it for future medical use. Although If you wish to acquire and retail your child’s wire blood at the beginning or donate it, you may have to make preparations quickly.

Prepare for your glucose screening

Your supplier will most likely schedule your glucose screening between 24 and 28 weeks. This routine takes a look at monitoring for gestational diabetes, which impacts an estimated 2 to 10 % of girls. Through the screening, you may have to drink a sugary drink (typically described as being like flat, syrupy orange soda). After a brief window of time, you may have your blood drawn and examined for irregular glucose ranges. This preliminary screening is not diagnostic. As a substitute, the outcomes will point out whether or not you want additional testing for gestational diabetes.

Pregnancy Trimesters 2 week 24 pregnant bellies

As a matter of fact, Your uterus is now concerning the dimension of a soccer ball, and the highest of your uterus has risen above your stomach button. Throughout your second trimester, you’ll be able to deal with your altering pores and skin by using the skincare products That are safe. However, Keep away from retinol, and restrict salicylic acid and alpha hydroxy acids in make-up and skincare merchandise. You are likely to be noticing stretch marks in your abdomen, thighs, and breasts now. More often than not, you’ll be able to forestall these “badges of motherhood.” Nevertheless, they typically fade with time.

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