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6 Must Have Clothes for Your Labour After Delivery

After you’ve delivered your baby, you will have to wear maternity clothes before your body gets back to normal. Of course, the clothes you should wear depends on the circumstances, but keep reading if you’re looking for the best styles! These are the must-have clothes after delivery!

Labour & Postpartum Gowns

Gowns are designed specifically for labour and delivery. Usually made of cotton, these gowns will help you feel relaxed and cared for in a busy hospital environment. In addition, they are easier to remove after delivery than normal clothing because they don’t have any ties or buttons. You can do it all with one hand. Gowns will become your new best friend during labour and immediately following birth, so choose ones that feel soft against your skin.

Baby Bodysuits

It’s always a good idea to have at least a handful of bodysuits for your baby. They’re easy for day-to-day wear, can be easily slipped on and off, and make diaper changes much less stressful. They also look super adorable. Of course, a basic white one will do, but you can also opt for bright colours or patterns!

Maternity bras

After delivery, one of your first steps should be to buy maternity bras, especially if you’re expecting a second or third child. Since your breasts will change during pregnancy and breastfeeding, you’ll want clothes that accommodate these new changes. The good idea is to buy two or three of a few different styles at first. Also, pick up nursing pads; nursing bras are a good place to stash them if leaking occurs.

Maternity leggings

As soon as you’re able, wear stretchy maternity leggings. They help with swelling, which increases after delivery, are easy to throw on if you want to leave your hospital room, and are super-comfortable. If you can find them, try to go for pants without an elastic band around the waist; most of these pants fit over your belly button, and they look great!


There are a variety of tops you can wear after delivery. You want something that can be covered up but still allow you room to breathe, a change from your previous hospital gowns. The most popular option is a loose top with buttons or snaps down one side. This makes it easy for nurses and family members to access your baby while maintaining your modesty.

Joggers and Leggings

While you can certainly wear sweatpants, it’s still important to have some clothes that are specifically meant for nursing. Why? Because these types of clothes are often made of soft fabrics, which help prevent any friction and chafing when your milk comes in, and you start breastfeeding. It’s not bad to get a few items, including comfy leggings, which may or may not double as pyjamas and maybe even a couple of pairs of joggers.

Wrapping Up!

When it comes to your delivery day, most hospitals will allow you to wear your clothes for labour. If you prefer a hospital gown, however, go for it. You can ask if there’s anything else that might make you more comfortable. Some women prefer not to wear underwear or a bra during labour and delivery. Other women want as much coverage as possible if they end up having an emergency C-section and need surgery garments. And some women feel better when they’re wearing their clothes. If you want to wear something other than your regular undergarments, pack those in your bag and any other clothing it`ems you think would be helpful. And don’t forget socks!

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