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What Diet Should I Follow During My Second Trimester?

Congratulations! Your second trimester of pregnancy has arrived, and you’re probably thrilled to be feeling better than you did in the first few weeks after you knew that you were pregnant. Here’s what you need to know about diet during your second trimester of pregnancy, including the best food type for your growing baby, foods to avoid, and when it’s time to find out what you’re having! Also, here are some tips on eating well during your second trimester of pregnancy.

Preparing your body and mind

You’ve reached your first trimester, but you have a ways to go before your baby comes. You might feel like you’re still in your first trimester since nausea and fatigue can continue through week 14. So don’t be too tough on yourself, even if it feels like a chore: Your body is doing a lot of work to get ready for that big day! The good news is that by week 15 or around 16 weeks, most women will feel more energetic and less nauseous. So hang in there; it’s almost over!

Tips for Fruits, Vegetables, and Proteins

You also need lots of fruits and vegetables packed with essential vitamins and minerals for you and your developing baby. Your body needs more protein than usual, but make sure you’re getting enough iron (found in red meat) and calcium (found in dairy products). In addition to plenty of fruits and veggies, you should aim for at least four servings of whole grains every day. If you can get eight servings per day, even better! To meet your increased caloric requirements without adding too much fat or sugar into your diet, try snacking on nuts instead of chips or other snacks full of empty calories. Make sure any meat you consume is lean; choose grass-fed beef over conventional beef. Finally, drink plenty of water each day-at least eight glasses-to stay hydrated!

Food to Avoid During Pregnancy

Here are a few foods that are off-limits when you’re expecting. You may find your cravings and mood swings getting more robust over time, but resist giving in to these food groups if you’re trying to stay healthy while pregnant: fat-rich meats, seafood, and raw eggs. These foods may be contaminated with bacteria or parasites that can cause food poisoning or other digestive problems in both mother and baby. Last but not least, be sure to stay away from deli meats unless they’ve been thoroughly cooked.

This Bottom Line Is A Must To Understand

Pregnancy can be both thrilling and demanding, as a developing baby means there are significant changes to your health and body. During your second trimester, you’ll want to focus on staying fit by exercising regularly and eating well to ensure that you don’t gain too much weight. The combination of healthy exercise and nutrition will help support your growing baby throughout pregnancy while also keeping you at a healthy weight, reducing your risk of chronic illnesses later in life. Good luck!


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