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Baby-names with Nakshatra

Nakshatra is an Indian system to help track the movement of the stars and has been applied to baby names as well. This is a list of the top 10 baby names based on nakshatra with meanings.


The name of the nakshatra which represents the month of Ashwin that brings auspiciousness, happiness, and wealth.


The epithet of one who multiplies his wealth through hard work.


The epithet of one who is the eldest son of the King.


The epithet of one who is brave and is the protector of his family and guests.


One who is wealthy and supports all people from his bounty.


The epithet of one who has the ability to unite with his partner in marriage.


The name of the nakshatra which represents the month of Kartik that brings auspiciousness, happiness, prosperity and lustrous good looks.


The epithet of one who showers wealth or prosperity upon his devotees.


A man who doesn’t believe in sparring himself in terms of his hard work. An epithet for a hard-working person or for one who is extremely humble.


One who is auspicious as the Moon, pure as the Sun and wise like the Sage.


The epithet of one who is wealthy and brings prosperity to his children and friends.


The epithet of the Sun which symbolizes wisdom, generosity, physical strength, radiance and power.


A person who lives in a house that has four walls that separate him from the rest of the world while he can see the whole universe in every direction through its windows.

Shri Vyaasa

The epithet of the poet whose creations are the highest form of literature known for the soulful meanings and ancient epics.


One who is knowledgeable of all scriptures and every religious tradition.


One who is rich in material assets and abilities as well as one who is covered with wealth.


One who follows the path of virtue that leads to great individual success and happiness.


A person who has been successful in marriage and brings prosperity to his children and relatives as well as strangers.


One who has the fortitude of a King or an Emperor to rule over his subjects.


The auspicious star according to Hindu astrology signifies a promising future and career laurels.


The prolific and creative power of Vishnu who liberates all his devotees from the cycle of birth and death.


Lord Shiva’s selfless nature that he dispenses blessings while remaining aloof from worldly life.


Hinduism was an inclusive religion where people from all castes, creeds and communities have been more or less treated equally. This was true even in matters of baby names. In ancient times the people from different castes and communities used to be considered as the same class—Brahmana and Kshatriya. All Hindus have been treated as such and therefore names such as ‘Kanha’, ‘Nakra’ and ‘Shatabala’ are similar to each other.

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