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Baby Names With European Origin

There is a great variety of unique baby names in the world today. At one end, there are bright and colorful names like Ophelia, while at the other end, there are more traditional ones like Joshua. That said, it can be hard to choose the perfect name for your new bundle of joy. There are many names to pick from but not all of them will match well with your preferences on style. Here are some of the most common baby names in Europe with an explanation of their meanings and origins:


From the Greek meaning “God is my King.” It’s been used as a baby boy name for those who are special and have an aura of royalty about them.


A variant of Kayla, meaning “pure” or “bright,” used to symbolize an innocent or pure soul. This name can also be associated with the color dark brown, or someone who has a dark personality.


Biblical name of Hebrew origin meaning “God is my oath.” It’s been used as a baby girl name for those who love the mixture of weirdness and innocence in this very unique name, which can also easily stand out from the crowd.


The feminine form of the French word “avant,” meaning “before.” It can also be interpreted as having a beautiful voice. It is most likely to be given to someone who has a distinctive beauty and distinctiveness, or has a gentle personality.


The name of the flower, but can also be used as a nickname for anyone named Daisie or Dixie (a nickname for Daisy). It means day in Dutch, so it could have various meanings such as being sunny, happening when you least expect it, etc. It’s especially popular during World War II due to its association with courage and determination.


Comes from the French word for “lily,” which is a white flower. “Lilly” also means “boundless” or “boundlessness,” often symbolizing new beginnings and youthfulness. It’s also been given as a baby girl name to people who are brave enough to love their flaws and embrace who they are.


A feminine name of Germanic origin, meaning “clear” or “bright.” The name of a flower, it may be mellow, bright, or sweet. It’s also been used as a baby girl name in the past to symbolize innocence and purity.


Derived from Latin meaning “to pour out.” The girl’s name is most likely to be given for those who have a gentle spirit and love others. Those who have a flirty personality are also said to be named Natasha.


A feminine name of Germanic origin, meaning “clear” or “bright.” The name of a flower, it may be mellow, bright, or sweet. It’s also been used as a baby girl name in the past to symbolize innocence and purity.


Means princess in Hebrew, so it could have many meanings such as being special, having elegance, nobility, being special among many others. It’s a very popular girl name in the past, especially in the Bible.


There are so many different names for babies that it can be hard to choose one or two. The above list shows the most popular ones in Europe, but they might not be suitable for everyone. Parents should pick names that represent their preferences and characteristics. That is the only way to find an ideal name for a child.

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