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Baby Names With Religious Origin

The following is a list of the top baby names with religious origin and meanings . These are the most popular names for babies born in India. In the modern world, many parents name their child with religious meaning. Sometimes, these names are taken from Hindu or Indian scriptures. The meanings of these names will vary depending on religion but most often they relate to perfection and beauty.


Anahita is one of the three divinities of waters in the Avestan pantheon, together with Apam Napat and Ardvaxsha. According to the Iranian national epic, the poem Shahnameh, she is the daughter of sea-god Oannes. The medieval texts state that as a beautiful young woman named Anahid, Anahita fell in love with an Iranian youth called Afrasiab, while bathing in a lake one day.


The protagonist of the Indian epic “Mahabharata”, which is a great portion of Sanskrit literature. In the epic, he is the son of Pandu, king of Hastinapura, and Kunti, a princess from the Kuru clan. Arjuna is famous for his heroism in battle and his strength as a warrior.


Bhavesh is the other name of Lord Shiva,the destroyer of evil, the preserver of cosmic order, and the transformer of living beings. He was one of the three gods in Hinduism who were known as Trimurti and he is often described as the “Master of Life and Death.”


Durga is a Hindu goddess. She is referred to by various names, including Durga and Devi. Durga is depicted as having the ability to fight and win battles against evil or demonic forces. Her primary weapons are a spear, mace, sword and shield.


Vignesh, meaning, the destroyer of obstacles, is other name of Lord Ganesh. Hindu god with the head of an elephant, a man’s torso, or human limbs. He is one of the most notable deities in the Hindu pantheon. His image is found throughout India and Nepal. Unlike most other Hindu deities, Ganesha’s iconography expresses many idiosyncrasies that differentiate him from the other deities.


The name Tanushri is associated with Goddess Lakshmi and means “divinity”. Goddess Lakahmi is a hindu goddess of wealth, love and prosperity. She is the wife of Vishnu and one of the many forms of Devi. She is the Goddess of wealth and fortune in the material world as well as in the spiritual world.


Jisnu is the another name of God Vishnu, the preserver of cosmic order. Vishnu is one of the most ancient deities and has many forms with different names, but all worshiped for their excellence in the metaphysical field and associated with many cosmic functions such as creation, preservation, renovation, defense etc.


Religion oriented baby names have a special meaning to them. The child is considered blessed with the quality of the god or goddess. A name can be given either at birth, a few days later or when the person has reached a year old. The baby names are chosen after consulting an astrologer and depending on the date of birth, star and planets and so on.

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