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Baby-names of Kannad origin

A baby’s name reflects everything they will be as they grow up. It can also help your child choose the right name for their cultural identity. Here are some popular Kannad names and meanings:


A Sanskrit word that means moonlight and it sounds like Lea or Lauren in English. The name can be spelled as Lekshmi too.


A Hindu name meaning “good, pure, holy and auspicious”. The name means “full of goodness” and “one who gives good” in Kannada. It sounds like Brad in English.


A beautiful sounding name for girls that means “something to be sung about”. Kavya is a common name for girls given by parents from Karnataka state. It means poetry, songs and writing in Sanskrit. The name sounds like Carson, Kaelyn or Kayla internationally.


A common name for girls in South India meaning free from fear. It is a Sanskrit word Anita also means “without love” or “without desire”. Anitha sounds like Andrea in English and Anita in German which means “woman warrior”.


A Hindu name meaning “she who is victorious to the enemy of her husband”. It was popularized by Kannada writer Jayashree Devi in her novel “Prapancha Shakha” in 1960. The name sounds like Jasmine internationally


A Sanskrit word meaning desire, wish or longing and it can also mean moonlight. Kiran is the most popular name in kannada for boys and girls. The name is also a popular baby name for girls with Marathi origin. It can also be spelled as Karan.


A Hindu name meaning “beauty” or “love”. The word means “lovely” and “goddess of beauty” in Sanskrit and it sounds like Latonya internationally. The name means beauty, love, blessing and it is the most common girl’s name among the male Kannada speakers


A popular girl’s name in Kannada languages and it is derived from the Sanskrit word Madhav meaning “grand”, “mighty” or “famous”.The name sounds like Mahdi, Mahad, Mahdis, Mady or Madi internationally and like Mareena globally.


A Hindu Girl’s name that is derived from the Sanskrit word Meenaa which means moonlight. The name sounds like Mia worldwide and Mia in English too but Mia is more common in the US and UK than Meena globally because of the pronunciation, spelling and accent differences.


A Sanskrit word meaning happiness and delight. Harsha is a popular male name that we know from the famous Kannada playwright Harshacharita written by Bana in the seventh century A.D..Harsha means joy, happiness, delight in Sanskrit and it is also common as a male name in India. The name sounds like Harry or Harris internationally.


The above names contain the root word from the Kannada language. You can use a name that your child likes, no matter what the origin of the name is. However, if you start wondering about the meaning of some popular Kannada names, then here are some explanations:

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