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Baby-names with Sanskrit Origin

If you’re in the mood to give your baby a unique name, try choosing from one of these Sanskrit-based names. These names are more common in Hindu culture, but naming your child after a Sanskrit word still has some interesting connotations for parents. When you choose a name of Sanskrit origin,” it might make an intriguing conversation piece for parents and friends when they ask what it means. To learn more about these Sanskrit- based baby names, check out this blog post! Sanskrit is the ancient language of India and is also used to refer to the texts written in this language (the Vedas). It is closely related to Latin and Greek languages, which influenced its vocabulary. Sanskrit is no longer used as a common language but is still considered an important historical and spiritual language for many people.


This name means “He who has destroyed evil.”


Atisha was a 12th-century Buddhist teacher who spread Buddhism to Tibet.


Praan means ‘life-force’ or ‘breath of life’. It is also the name of a Hindu God.


Jai is the Sanskrit word for victory, which is used as a name in India. Jaya means ‘success’.


A religious leader who established the Badrinarayan temple in Odisha, India.


Dashrathnath was a historical figure of the Bundelkhand region who founded the Bundelkhand University.


The meaning of Aayushi is “Goddess,” but it’s also a popular feminine name in India. Perfect if you want something unique for your little one!


Ashutosh, meaning light of the family.
According to mythology, “Krishna’s charioteer who was responsible for restoring the peace during the dynastic feuds and wars in Vedic times.”


Dhanvantari is the name of the physician in Hindu mythology who is often portrayed holding a pot of medicine in one hand and a bowl in another.


Dharmapala is the Hindu God of religion, law and justice. He is also known by the name Dharmachakra.


The name of the Hindu God, Ganesha, who is often depicted as an elephant or holding an elephant’s head.


Meaning “Guru,” Govind is considered to be a holy name in India and used as an honorific title for respected people, including politicians and spiritual leaders.


A name scholar, poet and playwright, Kalidasa is considered to be a pioneer of Indian drama. Though “Kalidasa” was used in his lifetime, the name has come to represent the oldest Indian playwright and dramatist in modern times.


The meaning of this name is a combination of two Sanskrit words: Padma, which means lotus and mata, which means mother. Perfect if you want something unique for your little one!


Radha is the Sanskrit word for love and is found in titles like Radharani, meaning ‘Queen of Love’. It can also be used as a girl’s name and has become very popular in India among the Hindu community.


Sanskrit words can be lengthy and complex, but if you’re looking for a name you feel is authentic, then it may just be a perfect choice! Sanskrit is a language which is the ancestor of many modern Indian languages, including Hindi, Marathi and Bengali. Sanskrit also serves as an important liturgical language for Hinduism and Buddhism throughout their scriptures and mantras. In ancient India, Sanskrit served as the lingua franca that allowed different cultures of people to communicate among themselves while they lived in close proximity to each other.

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