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New Age Baby Names

New age baby names are back in style and on the rise. There has been an increase in these types of names due to a boom in people looking for unique and meaning-based baby names. This blog looks at a list of popular new-age baby names with meanings, ranked from their most recent popularity to the least. With meanings ranging from happiness to connection, these best new age baby names are sure to be the perfect one for you!


This is a Sanskrit baby name that means “God”. It is popular in India, Nepal and the United States. Bhavesh means “God” which can be interpreted as an aspiration for something better, a God-given gift, divine qualities or even love and beauty.


Rishi literally means “scholar”, but this baby name has been derived from the Sanskrit word rishika meaning “one who has learned”. The reason why this name is quite popular among Indian parents is because it conveys intelligence and wisdom. One way to remember your child’s special meanings is by picking Rishi as their new name!


Maya literally means “illusion” or “fantasy”. It also means “illusion” or to be deluded, see illusion or dream (especially in a hopeful way). Maya can also mean quality, excellence or objectivity; beauty, grace, charm; skillful management etc.


Bhaskar baby name is an Indian baby name, meaning happiness and prosperity. The word “bhaskar” comes from the ancient Sanskrit word “bhas” which means light and “kar” which means doer or maker. So this name can be interpreted as someone who brings happiness and prosperity.


Devansh is a Sanskrit baby name, meaning the god of knowledge. This baby name can be interpreted as a god that holds all knowledge or knowing everything. If you are looking for something unique and meaningful, why not pick this amazing baby name for your lovely son?


The name Aditya is a Sanskrit baby name, meaning sun. This name can be interpreted as a symbol of love, intelligence and wisdom. If you are willing to choose an Indian baby name for your lovely daughter, why not pick this meaning for your choice?


Ishaan is also from the Sanskrit language; it means “knowledge”. It’s basically another way of saying “knowledge”, although not literally so. It means the person who has achieved knowledge (one who knows), or he who seeks such knowledge (scholar).
9. Krishna


Samarth is yet another name for the baby boy that has been derived from the Sanskrit language; it means “strength”. You can also use this name for your son, as it is considered to be a Sanskrit baby name.


Ananya is a Sanskrit baby name, meaning “without comparison”. This meaning should be able to explain why this baby name has become so favorable among Indian parents nowadays. If you plan on naming your baby girl with a Sanskrit meaning, why not pick this one?


Neha can be interpreted as “new light” and “light” in Sanskrit. This baby name is quite a new one, but people seem to be very fond of it!


We have created this blog post to help you find a perfect Indian name for your little bundle of joy. Whether you are looking for a name with a cool meaning, or something that is common in your culture, we have compiled the perfect list of names for you to browse. We hope this list will help you find the perfect ones!

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