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Baby-names with Native Origin

Baby names are always a hot topic, especially when they have a rich history rooted in their ethnic and cultural origins. There’s been a recent uptick in parents naming their children after Native American tribes. We’ve put together this list of the top baby names of Native American origin and their meanings to help you make that decision.


Both the Cheyenne and Sioux tribes used this word to mean “fox”, and it’s a cute choice for someone who wants to remember their cunning and sly ways.


The Shawnee people used this word to mean “heart”, while the Cherokee people used it to mean “sun”. This combination of meanings makes for a name with many layers of meaning.


This name is an old Cherokee word which translates to “Child” or “Little one”. It’s also a popular name that means “strength” or “wisdom”.


The Shawnee people used this word to mean “dawn” or “morning”. This would be a great choice for a baby born in the morning or a sunny season.


This beautiful word is a combination of the Cherokee words “Tah” for “moon” and “Ni” for “water”. It means something along the lines of “Moon flowing like water”. This name would be a great choice to honor nature and its grandeur.


This one comes from the Dakotas and means “Swan/Duck.” In fact, birds have always been held in high regard by many Native American tribes.


This one can be used with or without the full name. It’s a Choctaw name meaning “Beautiful/Tremendous.”


This one comes from the Choctaw language and means “Stone.” Stones have played a key part in many Native American traditions and is an important sign of protection for many tribes.


The Cheyenne people used this word to mean “rain”, while the Choctaw tribe used it to mean “wolf” and the Apache tribe used it to mean “bear”. It can be used as a girl or boy name, with both meanings being equally beautiful.


This is an interesting choice because it has both feminine and masculine origins. The feminine version meant something along the lines of “woman”, while the masculine version meant something along the lines of “man”.


Meaning “The Lord has hidden” or “hidden by God,” this African baby boy name is derived from biblical origins and was popularized by a 6th century BC prophet in Israel.


The Lakota tribe used this word to mean “child of the Earth” or, more literally, “the one who lives on the land”. This name would work really well for a child who closely identifies with nature.


The popularity of these names has spiked recently and other tribes have also started to have a presence in American culture. It’s important for parents to take a step back, reflect and think about the name they’re choosing for their baby. We hope this article has narrowed down your options by providing you with some top choices for Native American names.

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