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Baby-names with African Origin

It’s always a joy when a new baby comes into the world, and when it’s an African baby we get to see some very beautiful names. The African names are steeped in tradition, mythology and spirituality. So for this post, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular African-origin baby names.


Gender: Female

Meaning: ‘first born’ (in Igbo culture)

Pronunciation: Ad-ah

This is a beautiful African name for your first born child. The ‘ah’ ending is used for Nigerian names and the ‘da’ ending would be used for the South African version of this name. This name means ‘first born in Igbo’.


Gender: Male

Meaning: ‘life’ (in Arabic)

Pronunciation: Ah-yahn

That name means ‘the one who lives’, the perfect name for your little life. It’s African in origin but it can also be found in Lebanon and India where this name is a common first name for girls.


Gender: Male

Meaning: ‘lion cub’ (in Arabic)

Pronunciation: Ah-dahn

Fabulous for anyone born at one of the signs of the zodiac that is ruled by Leo.


Gender: Female

Meaning: ‘lioness’ (in Swahili)

Pronunciation:- ah-yah-nah

Lionesses are fierce, beautiful and funny. This name is perfect for your little girl who shows the signs of courage and confidence


Gender: Female

Meaning: ‘born at night’ (in Swahili)

Pronunciation: Ha-dee-sah

A lovely name with a beautiful meaning. If you’re born at night, you’re obviously the perfect person to be named after!


Gender: Female

Meaning: ‘dream’ (in Igbo

Pronunciation: Nee-uh

Nia is a lovely name for little girls. This name means ‘dream’ in Igbo


Gender: Female

Meaning: ‘beautiful flower’ (In Yoruba)

Pronunciation: On-ee-kah

This name means ‘beautiful flower’ and it’s real meaning is so perfect for little girls as she will be sure to become a beautiful flower in life, giving you plenty of reasons to call her your beautiful flower!


Gender: Male

Meaning: ‘God has given’ (In Ethiopian)

Pronunciation: Yah-rahd

This is a lovely name that would be perfectly suited to a child who was given a second chance at life.


Gender: Female

Meaning: ‘safe and sound’ (in Nigerian)

Pronunciation:- SAH-fee-natoo

A lovely name for anyone who was born safe and sound. The name can also mean ‘harnessed’.


Gender: Female

Meaning: ‘God is gracious’ (In Ethiopian)

Pronunciation:- YO-ha-na or yoh-hah-nah

This is a beautiful name that means ‘God has been gracious’ in Ethiopian.


Gender: Female

Meaning: ‘goodness’ (In Yoruba)

Pronunciation:- Ya-zah-meen

A lovely, meaningful name for your little angel. It’s African in origin and means ‘goodness’, which is certainly a suitable name for children!


Gender: Female/Male

Meaning: ‘chosen one’ in Ghana.

Pronunciation:- NYA-may-shah

A lovely name that means ‘chosen’. The name is a variation of the name ‘Nyameesha.!


We hope you enjoyed all the information we shared about these African baby names. As you can see, there are numerous different meanings behind each of these names and you need to be careful that the meaning is something you find suitable for your little one.

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