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Baby Names with Spanish Origin

Today’s parents are looking for something more unique than just plain old David or Hannah — they’re searching for something that stands-out when it comes time to write their new child’s name on their birth certificate. Worry no more! We’ve picked a top selection of Spanish baby names that are ready to give your little one the biggest head-start in life.


A classic, Spanish name that is close to meaning “Snow White”. Eloisa is a perfect name for a baby girl who is as beautiful as she is innocent. Classic and cute, this name will never go away! (Note: Eloise means snow white or native American moon goddess).


Meaning: “God has spoken”. It’s been used as a given name in Spain since the 1800s and is one of the most popular Spanish-origin names today.


Meaning: Latin for “my peace”. This name was first introduced to English speakers during the mid-1800s, and it’s one of the most popular Spanish-origin names in America today.


Meaning: “Gift of God” This is a popular name among Hispanic mothers in America.


Meaning: “Grace of God”. This is another popular Hispanic name that has been derived from the name Manuela


Meaning: “God is gracious”. This name was first introduced to English speakers in the mid-1800s and is used by Hispanic families today.


Gala is meant to mean “blooming” flower, which also describes this name quite well. You can also spell it Gail or Gabriella (note: Gala means a blooming red rose in Italian). It sounds beautiful and is similar to the English name Grace.


Daliaa is perfect for a baby girl who will be full of vitality and energy from day 1! This Spanish baby name translates to “frail” or “delicate”. This soft and delicate Spanish girl’s name will complement any unique personality.


This Spanish baby name means “pledge” or “promise”. The word Jessela is a variation of the name ” Giselle”is a beautiful, feminine name that will be easy for you to remember and fun for your daughter to grow into.


Camila is Latin in origin and translates to “attractive”. Camila is used in many countries and is perfect for a child who will be turning heads everywhere she goes!


Izana is an elegant sounding name, suitable for a baby girl who will be classy too! This adorable sounding name translates to “God’s promise” or “pledge”.


is one of the most popular boys’ names today. It is a variation of the Spanish word “Raphael” It translates to “He who knocks”, and has a gorgeous sound that truely suits your little one!


In Spanish, the name translates to “prosperous” or “gift from god”.


Tabu translates to “gift from god” or “gift of God”. This name has a gorgeous sound to it and is perfect for your sweet little gift to the world!


The name is a variation of the Spanish name Rouel. This sounds similar to Ralph and means “famous wolf”.


Several Spanish baby names are also popular in America. You may want to choose one of these names if you plan to have a child in the future or add it as a middle name if you already have children.

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