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Baby names of Greek Origin

Greek names are a beautiful and diverse tradition. But did you know that most Greek names have origins behind them? This article will explore popular Greek names, their respective meanings, and where they came from.


lla is derived from the Greek word Ella, which means “pure.”.The origin of this Greek name is debated. It may be a variation of Eleni, which itself derived from Helen or Helena, who was from Athens in Greece.


The name Ilina is a variation of the Greek word Elena, which means “bright” or “shining light,” . It is commonly used as a first name for girls. The root of this word is the Greek word elaino, which means to shine.


Ira is the variation of the word Ida. (pronounced ee-dah)It is a popular Greek name meaning “gentle.” It comes from the Greek words idein and daimonion , and was created from an ancient Greek word that meant “divine.


Maya is a popular Greek name meaning “enduring” or “lasting.” Immortalized as the namesake for the Mayans, people across the world still use this name today.


Myra is a popular Greek name meaning “beloved friend.” It derives from the Hebrew word Miriam, which means “drop of water.”


Rhea is a common Greek name meaning “flow” or “flowing.” It was invented by the ancient Greeks to refer to the personification of the earth.


Sara is a popular name among both Greeks and non-Greeks, meaning “princess” or “noble lady.”. Sara is Hebrew in origin, meaning “princess, radiant or shine.”


Vasilika is a popular Greek name meaning “king’s daughter.” It has many possible origins, such as the names Vassilia and Vasilie. It is also the name of a town in Greece.


Jinia is one of the most popular Greek names for girls. Meaning “young girl,” it comes from Greek word jinai, which means “virgin,”


Meraki is a name derived from the ancient Greek word meros, which refers to the body parts that are given names in Greek. Meraki’s literal meaning is “part.” Thus, it refers to a part of the body. It was most commonly used for people’s fingers.


Nike is one of the most well-known Greek names today. It means “victory” or “brightness,” and has many variations, such as Nikia.


Kliais a relatively rare Greek girl’s name that means “praise.” It was very common in ancient Greece, but today it is no longer used as a given name. Instead, it has evolved into a surname (or last name) in modern times.


Sophia is derived from the Greek word sophos (wise or intelligent), and many researchers believe that it is an innovation from the meaning of sophoros, which in Ancient Greece meant wise person and sage.


Whatever the intention behind choosing such names, our own world is constantly changing and evolving. So are the meanings behind the names we give to our children. As such, it is important for parents to take a step back, look at their baby names from a different perspective and see how they can relate to their own culture. It could be mind-blowing!

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