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Baby-names with Korean Origins

Many people are attracted to the uniqueness of Korean names. They may remind you of some old-timey European names or African ones, but the meanings are quite different. These are some of the most popular baby name choices in Korea with their meanings.


Asahi means “rainbow” or “shine”. It might be a good choice for parents who want their kids to get along well with others since rainbows are known to bring together different colors in the world.


This name means “born in the morning” and is perfect for any little girl


Minji is a hip name that refers to a gentle manner. It means “benevolent” or “people”, which is also the origin of the name “people”, . It’s one of the most popular names for boys, along with Jun .


Lia means “righteousness” or “graciousness”.


Lee is a popular name used in Korea, since it can mean “loyal” or “valiant”. It’s also one of the most common Korean surnames.


This Korean girl’s name means “bright moonlight” & “as clear as day” in Korean. A perfect chance to give your daughter a celestial moniker with a lovely meaning!


The name means “snow” in Korean. This name is perfect for your little girl who will be dreaming of the cold-white snow all year round!


This unique moniker, meaning “light” in Korean, is sure to catch people’s eyes at school! You can also use it for a boy.


The name means “brightness/radiance/illumination”, making it perfect for your daughter who enjoys being the center of attention!


The name means “miracle” in Korean and is sure to give your little one an eye-catching nickname.


The name means “good luck” in Korean which makes it perfect as a christening name or a middle name for your child!

Jiun /Ziun

The name means “eternity”, so this would make for a great first name for the newborn.


The name means “moon” and is the perfect name for your daughter who has a radiant smile!


This moniker means “safe”, making it the perfect name for your little one who is always by your side!


The name means “broad/deep” and is a perfect fit as it is a well known name among the Korean people.


The name means “fortunate” and is perfect for any little girl who will grow up to be lucky in life!


This moniker, meaning “new”, is an adorable choice for your newborn baby girl with its warm sense of cheerfulness!


This moniker means “handsome” and sounds just like a quality gift your daughter could bring home to her friends.


The name means “dragon” and is the perfect moniker for your little princess who will grow up to be as magnificent as the mythical creature!


This moniker means “beautiful” and is a popular Korean girl’s name.


This moniker, meaning “blessing”, will bring smiles to everyone she meets with its sweet meaning!


This was the list of the top Korean baby names that have traditional origins. We hope you found this article helpful.

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