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Which one is the best cradle for your baby – manual or electronic?

The nourishment of a baby requires more efforts than you can think. The best nurturing of an infant includes all your attention, care, love and warmth. While taking the proper care of all the needs of the baby, we must not forget to put the comfort of the little champ on the first place. The innocent hearts of the babies feel the safest in the lap of their mothers. However, due to our busy schedules, half of our mind stays drifted from the caressing of the baby. Whether the mother is a house wife or a working woman, she cannot be always around the baby to shower her caress, due to her other commitments or tasks. In those busy moments the baby must be in safer and cosier hands, where he can feel as secured as in her mother’s lap. An ideal cradle is what the baby needs while being away from the mother. However, we must note some points before choosing the cradle for the baby. The cradle must be the epitome of perfection.


By the time, the cradles have updated and reformed into more convenient and easy to use form. They have liberated the mother from the ‘Back and Forth’ responsibilities. The automatic or electronic cradles give you the additional feature of automatic swing that accelerates the joy of your baby without your involvement. It simply states that now you can assure your baby a full comfort and unlimited happy and soothing moments by just a remote control. You can easily operate the cradle and its various features like swing, or power on/off etc. through a remote network while performing your other tasks.


Manual Cradle

  • A manual cradle comes with conventional structure and design.
  • They are durable and sturdy in nature.
  • They ensure the comfort and safety to the baby.
  • Manual cradles have the feature of bottom storage to keep the essentials all along.
  • Accessorised with mosquito net, canopy structure, bedding set etc. 
  • It requires the parent to be around all the time to keep swinging the baby.
  • It provides the two in one feature with easily convertibility from crib to cradle within a fraction of minute.

Electronic Cradle

  • An electronic cradle comes with updated designs and technologies.
  • They are sturdy and durable.
  • They also ensure the safety and comfort of the baby. In addition to this, it also serves in providing the comfort to the mother as well with an automatic swing feature.
  • The mother or parent can operate the various features of the cradle from distance through remote control.
  • It liberates the mother from the obligations of always being around.
  • Like the manual cradle, the electronic cradle is also accessorised with mosquito net, canopy structure and bottom storage.


  1. Baby’s Age

    The most important factor that must be kept in mind while selecting the cradle is your baby’s age. The cradle should neither be too big nor in the fixed size for your baby’s current age. If the cradle will be fixed in size, your baby will soon start to feel uncomfortable with it as he grows.

  2. Cosy and Comfortable

    The cradle you pick must be cosy and perfectly comfortable for your baby. It must feel as equal as the lap of mother. It should be adequate in size and have enough space for the dreamy marathon of the baby. Most of the cradles have wooden slats on the sides. You must go with the cradle with fluffy mattresses on all three sides. It will be safer for the baby.

  3. Sturdy

    If your baby rocks you should choose the cradle that is sturdy and well built. The strong and stable cradle will keep the baby protected. Even if anything mistakenly bump into the cradle your baby will be safe in a strong and tough cradle.

  4. Easy setup and portability

    You should check that the cradle must be easy to be set up and conveniently portable. It should not be complex to fold or unfold when needed. It should not take much effort in taking from one place to another. For the purpose you must need the wheels in the cradle. However, the wheel should be lockable to avoid further inconveniences.

  5. Safety Matters

    Avoid the cradles that come with decorations such as small plastic toys, strings or anything that can harm the baby. Your baby can put these small sized objects in the mouth while not being noticed. Thus it’s better to remove these decorations or choosing the cradles with no decoration to avoid such mis-happenings.

  6. Mosquito resistance and Canopy structure

    Your cradle must have the canopy structure to cover the baby. The canopy will help in protecting the baby from mosquitoes and dirt. It ensures the complete protection to the baby from outside threats that can affect the happy moments of the child.

  7. Double Bedding

    You must avoid the double bedding, extra cushions or soft toys in the cradle especially when the baby is sleeping. The extra bedding can cause suffocation and make it difficult for your little feet to breathe. In a cold weather choose the blankets with loose fabric to give a way to your baby for breathing.


Now when you already have a picture of best featured cradle for your baby, the question that arises is ‘from where to pick the most ideal product for your child’. Well, we have the solution of your search. The Star and Daisy has eased your task and brought to you the various varieties of cribs and cradles that will take care of your baby just like a mother with complete safety and comfort. Pick the best for your child among the hundreds of strong, sturdy and convenient Baby Cribs and Cradles available on https://staranddaisy.in/ at reasonable prices.

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