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9 Ways To Ease Contractions Pain At Home

In the initial years, the baby crosses many significant milestones of life. One of them is walking. From balancing the neck to waking on own feet is a beautiful yet challenging journey for both child and parents. The parents need to support the child in his each step. It’s the support of parents that encourages the baby in taking the steps forward. The baby tries his best to attain the milestone and in return needs affection and support from the parents. Once the baby start balancing him, we must know that our responsibilities are not reduced, instead, they have doubled up. The first step taken by the baby is very special. It is a sign that now your baby has started making moves towards his independence. However, their growth is totally dependent upon our care and devotion that we shower upon our children. The kids need proper guidance and all over support to adopt the growth.


The children take the steps one after another. They have stages of growth. After achieving one milestone they start making efforts for the next one. It is our duty to help our baby to make him courageous of moving for the steps.

Step wise growth of babies-

  1. Sitting – Sitting is not the first step of growth. The first one is considered to be able to balance the neck. Once the neck of the child is strengthened, know that now your child is ready for the next stage. You must help your
    child in sitting with support and slowly upgrade to sitting without back support.
  2. Prone or crawling – After sitting the next step in growth includes to prone or crawl. The children slowly start their move with such activities and we should make them practice to crawl every day. It helps in strengthening the arms
    and legs of the child.
  3. Standing with Support – Once your baby master the habit of crawling they attempt to stand on feet and try to take the support of any object like chair, table etc. In those stages we should encourage the child to stand up. You also
    must take care of child from falling and hurting himself. Thus in order to avoid such situations you should always we around the child.
  4. Standing without support and making first step – You should then help your baby in standing without support and further should help them in walking holding your hand. This is known as the final stage of learning to walk. Once the
    baby manages to reach this stage, know that they have acquired enough courage to walk.


A Walker can be a good resource to stimulate the walking of your baby. The walkers can be beneficial in the following manners –

  1. Give the body support – Walker give the support to the baby to walk. They help the baby to hold and walk confidently.
  2. Access of Safety – Walkers ensure the complete safety of the baby. Even if the baby falls while walking, there is no need to be worried. The walker can prevent the baby form hurting.
  3. A resting place when the baby is tired – If the baby is tired of walking, he can take the rest on the seat built in the walker and can resume his adventure when recharged.


  • Safe and Rigid : The walker must be safe and rigid. It should be sturdy and capable of managing the weight of the child. It should be well structured and not easy to fall. This is a must have feature of the walker in order to avoid the injury to your kid and assure him the total safety.
  • Strongly Build Quality Seat : While buying a sit in walker, make sure that the seat of the walker is well build, strong and comfortable for the baby. The fabric of the seat must be good in quality and shouldn’t be harsh on the skin of the baby
  • No sharp edge or Decorations : Make sure that there is no sharp edge on the walker that may harm your baby. Also there should be not decoration like, string, balls etc. that baby will swallow when remain unnoticed.
  • Height and Size : The walker must be neither too big nor too small. Make sure that feet of your baby are contacting the floor while being in the walker.

  • Smooth Walking : You must take the note on which type of floor your baby is going to run the walker. Go with the walker with smooth rollers that will be easily rolled on every kind of flooring.
  • Easy portability and Set up : The walker should be convenient in the factor of portability and should be easy to set up. Make sure that the mechanism of the walker is proper and smooth.


You have no need to wander all around to find your baby’s ideal walker. Just pay a visit to the online shopping platform of Star and Daisy where you can find number of varieties of baby walkers. Choose the best product for the first step of your child from the amazing collection of Premium baby walkers online India available on https://staranddaisy.in/

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