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Silicon baby bibs and plates for a hygienic meal

Hygiene is very important, especially for the kids. Protecting the child from getting into the contact of harmful micro-organism is a necessity. The hygiene becomes a vital factor while having the meal because the most of the problems that arise in babies are the result of contaminated food. There are various factors due to which the food of the baby may get contaminated-

  1. Use of unhygienic bibs – The use of a dirty and unhygienic bib or table wear can result as bad health for the baby. The bacteria and germs from the dirty bib can reach the mouth of the baby very easily and
    problems may arise.
  2. Unhygienic Utensils – Even the washed utensils can trays can be dangerous for the kids. Even after washing the dishes, the germs may stick on the trays and plates you are using for the child and make your baby
    fall ill by contaminating the food you are serving to your baby.
  3. Unhygienic table – The conventional tables that you are using for your baby can raise the trouble for your little one. If the table is not clean or germs free it can be topic of worries. You will touch the
    table and then feed your baby with those hands. This process might be dangerous for the kid.
  4. Feeding with hands – The sayings of feeding the baby with hands can work while talking of love but it can’t work when you are actually feeding your baby. Using the spoons and safe forks are must for your child.
    Feeding the child with bare hands can be dangerous for the health of the kid. The germs of the hands may enter the body of the baby with the food and disturb the good health of the kid by causing the problems like – stomach ache,
    bad digestion, loss of appetite, difficulty in swallowing etc.


Idle work or early work as it is called is the underlying phase of work. These begin with extremely gentle compressions that are steady dislike the Braxton Hicks constrictions. This work is the longest piece of work, can even keep going for a couple of days. The compressions are sporadic toward the beginning and can keep going for 20 minutes. As this stage is time taking not many means to prevent constrictions from harming are significant and 11 of them are given as under:

Silicon Bibs

Silicon bibs can serve as the best measure to ensure the proper hygiene to your baby while having meal. The silicon bibs are skin friendly soft and convenient bibs to give your child a better feeding experience. They come with adjustable tie up hoops to adjust from the neck according to the comfort of the baby. They are perfectly structured and sized bibs to keep your baby clean from spoiling his dress while having food. To make the job of cleanliness more effective, it comes with a curved edge from the bottom that can also be known as food catcher pocket. These silicon bibs are waterproof and thus easy to clean and to use frequently. In the normal fabric bib you need more that 2-3 bibs to use another while other one is drying up. Unlike the conventional bibs, the silicon bibs are very easy to use and convenient. Apart from all these physical features, the silicon bibs are completely hygienic and germ free. It does not harm the health of baby even if the baby bites its. They are durable and effective.

Silicon Plates

Since the children are more sensitive that adults, they need more care and essentials to ensure the complete protection. You children can’t have the meal in regular dishes and thus you should bring them their separate utensils that will support their hygienic routine. The Silicon Plates can work in this measure. The silicon plates are adorable, attractive and safe plates to serve food to your kids. It comes with unique design with 3 divisions and an attached straw. They are the best method to train your beginner about self-feeding. These silicon plates are easy to clean and are made up of germ free material. Its ideal size helps you in serving the food to your baby on his favourite high chair.

The best part from all the features of this silicon plate is that they are microwave and dishwasher friendly. You can wash the plates with boiling water to completely disinfect it and can even put it in the microwave when needed. No heat can harm the plate. Apart from these, they come with lid for storing it and avoid the wastage. Having meal in this silicon plate can be both hygienic and fun for your child.

Self-feeding Spoons forks

Since feeding your baby with hands is not safe, your child needs safe spoons and forks that he can also use for self-feeding. The self-feeding spoons and forks come with various amazing features. They are adjustable bending spoons and forks that are effective in teaching your beginner about self-feeding and access the convenience. They are completely hygienic and safe spoons and forks for your kid. The soft scoops of spoon and forks are designed to protect the child from injuries.

They come with the additional feature of being dishwasher friendly and boiling water proof. The material of spoons and forks is clinically tested and approved with no BPA, Latex Free, Leas Free and smell free quality. Also, they are accessorized with travel safe case, which means now you can take your baby’s tableware with you anywhere to ensure him the greatest hygiene and safety.


Ensure your baby, the complete hygiene and fun on the table with trusted products by Star and Daisy. You can find a huge collection of tableware on the online shopping store of Star and Daisy to charm your kid and make his meal time more special and safe.

Visit the online site https://staranddaisy.in/ now and bring home the epitome of hygiene.

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Silicon baby bibs and plates for a hygienic meal

Hygiene is very important, especially for the kids. Protecting the child from getting into the[...]

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