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what should be your shopping list when you are expecting – maternity essentials

One of the best feelings in the world is the feeling of being a mother. The feeling when you know that you are going to give the birth to a new life makes you feel stronger, happier, proud and invincible. However, being a mother requires more than just building a life from your own self. Being a mother brings joy and brightness in your life and also brings the challenges all along. It demands for more devotion, selflessness and care. A mother suffers the tremendous pain all along the pregnancy period. She loses her freedom to go outside and do whatever she want to, she has to compromise with her beauty and body shape, she has to invest herself to make the new part of her. A mother accepts all the challenges with a smile because she knows when she will lift her child in her arms; all those long sufferings will be worth it. Just to see her baby smiling, she accepts all the hardships with so much ease. Being a mother is just like a re-birth after which she can see another part of her body smiling and growing around her.


The responsibilities of a mother start right from when she conceives. Whether the baby is inside or outside the womb, it is the mother who takes all the care of every big or small requirements of the baby. The nourishment of the baby demands the mother to be well and healthy. If the mother is strong and caressed, only then she will be able to provide all the things the baby needs. So ultimately it becomes necessary to take the care of her health and making time for herself in order to give the proper up-raising to the baby.


Since a child in the womb gets the nutrition from the mother, the prenatal care becomes a necessity for both mother and the child. The proper care supply to the mother can be beneficial in many ways and ensures the welfare of the infant. Following are the reasons why the prenatal care is essential.

  • Reduces the pregnancy complications – The proper and adequate prenatal care reduces the complications of the pregnancy, and a healthy pregnancy ensure the healthy child.
  • Protects the mother from various diseases and problems – The proper care supply to the mother, ensures a good health to the mother during and after the pregnancy and rescue her from various diseases that can be caught by her body due to the lack of the maternity essentials.
  • Serves as a surety that both mother and baby are safe – Since the physicians are involved in the whole process of prenatal care it serves as a surety that both the mother and baby are safe. Even if a hint of danger spots during the period, it can be easily and timely cured by the physicians.


In order to avoid various complications during or right after the pregnancy, a mother should arrange herself a few essentials in order to supply the best care to her and the baby.

  • Maternity Belt – As while the pregnancy your belly grows, in that case the centre of gravity shifts that ultimately can cause the back, hip and lower abdominal pain to the mother. Also the growth and heaviness of belly make you incline downwards while walking. To avoid such complications you must have a maternity belt. It gives support to your belly from falling downwards and gives the relief to your back. The support to the belly helps the baby to prone smoothly without any injury.
  • Total Body Pregnancy Pillow – The body of a pregnant mother needs the proper comfort and support during the period. With the expansion of belly it can be difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep. That’s when you can switch to the pregnancy pillows to rescue yourself. It gives all over support to your body and helps you in adjusting yourself in the best comforting position for your sweet sleep without hurting your belly.
  • Hot Water Bottle – A hot water bottle is another important element that must be included in your shopping list when you are expecting. It can help you and become your best buddy while you have an aching body. It stimulates the light massage to your body and reduces the complications.
  • Massage Oil or Lotion – Since the pregnancy is the toughest on the body of mother, she needs a massage time to time in order to reduce the fatigue and anxiety, which is common during this period.


You have no need to wander around finding the maternity essentials that suits best to your expectations. Star and Daisy has brought to you everything you need all at one place. Just visit our online shopping sitehttps://staranddaisy.in/ for picking the essentials you have in your list from the wider range of maternity products available at Star and Daisy.

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what should be your shopping list when you are expecting – maternity essentials

One of the best feelings in the world is the feeling of being a mother. [...]

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