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How to Cure Vomiting at Home for Infants | StarAndDaisy

How to Cure Vomiting at Home for Infants?

While you may be new to parenthood, watching your child vomit and suffer might give you unbearable pain. Moreover, it is impossible to visit a doctor now and then. Besides, it is normal for babies of 0-6 months to vomit frequently.

The issue often happens due to a weak digestive system. You need not worry, as your little one will take time to adapt to feeding patterns. However, slight negligence that might not even be a mistake can cause it.

For example, if your baby is in a fast car, they may not be able to breathe and then vomit. This is because their weak digestive systems cannot ingest milk at the beginning. While your child is crying too much or something like that, it may also happen. But we have the best home remedies for you to help!

Tips to Cure Vomiting at Home

The following are some simple Home remedies, aka best practices to cure your infant’s vomiting. Read them well before implementing them!

Drink Plenty of Gripe Water

One of the common causes of vomiting in infants is dehydration. In too much heat, your child may be dehydrated. So they may frequently vomit. However, you can feed them sufficient gripe water every 1 hour. It will help your child stay hydrated. Besides, Gripe water also improves digestion in newborns.

Reduce Breastfeeding

You can try and reduce the feeding time for your baby and increase the frequency at which you breastfeed. For example, you can feed your little ones after every 2 hours but half the feeding time. However, if your baby is frequently vomiting, you need to breastfeed them every 1 hour for just 5 or 10 minutes, depending upon your child’s health.

Stop Baby Milk and Solid Foods

If you are giving any baby food to your newborn, that might be why. Even for the time being, their body could not digest baby milk. So, immediately stop feeding them baby milk and breastfeeding for better health.

Besides, infants cannot digest solid foods. Therefore, they should not be given solid foods. If you are still giving, then immediately stop it, as it will harm your child’s health in the long run.

Feed your Child with ORS

Breastfeeding babies need not be given ORS. However, if too much vomiting persists and very frequently, you should give your child an Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) once in a blue moon.

Feed your Child at Regular Intervals

Yes, we said earlier, do not breastfeed your baby too much. However, if you are not feeding your child at regular intervals, your little one may develop acidity and vomit. Therefore, it is necessary to feed your child at regular intervals.

The Final Verdict

If your child vomits, it is no one’s negligence; infants have a weakly developed immune system. Besides, if none of the practices help and your child’s condition does not improve, consult a pediatrician immediately.

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