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How to Cure Dry Cough in Babies | StarAndDaisy

How to Cure Dry Cough in Babies: 8 Simple and Quick Home Remedies

Coughing is quite frequent among infants. Irritants frequently enter the lungs during inhaling, which might cause a dry cough in some circumstances. Coughing is a crucial element of your body’s defensive mechanism, as it aids in the removal of potentially hazardous bacteria and irritants. Various factors can cause a dry cough in babies, ranging from a simple cold to an aspirated item.

Let’s look at some home remedies you should try for your kid.

Home Remedies for Infant Dry Cough

When you see your kid suffering from any sickness, the first thing that comes to mind is to treat him with an age-old efficient home cure. So let’s go over several efficient and simple home cures for your child’s dry cough.

Mother’s Milk

The best home remedy for a dry cough in a newborn under 6 months is mom’s milk. Continue to give your infant breast milk as needed. Breast milk is high in nutrients and offers antibodies to infants, which helps them fight illnesses.

Coconut oil and Basil

You can make a herbal rub from mustard oil, carom seeds, fenugreek seeds, and cloves. The warming qualities of mustard oil, as well as the anti-bacterial characteristics of garlic and carom, help to relieve congestion. Place 1/4 cup mustard oil and 1/2 tbsp carom seeds in a pan and heat them. When it turns brown, please remove it from the fire. Then, apply warm oil to your baby’s neck, back, and legs.

Cumin Water

Cumin seeds are famous for their anti-oxidation properties. To prepare cumin water, bring a glass of water to a boil and add 1-2 teaspoons of cumin seeds. Please put it on the stove to boil and place a lid over it. Let the mixture cool down slightly. Then, strain it and give it to your child many times a day.

Carrot Juice

Blend some raw carrots with some hot water. Then, to give some alleviation, feed your infant carrot juice.

Massage with Mustard Oil

In a pan, heat some mustard oil. Add some fenugreek seeds to it. Strain it thoroughly and massage this oil into your baby’s chest, back, and feet.

Massage with Coconut and Camphor Oil

After removing the coconut oil from the heat, add a pinch of camphor. Massage it into your baby’s skin to relieve coughs and colds.

Jaggery, black pepper, and cumin

Add a sprinkle of cumin seeds, 1⁄2 a spoon of black pepper, 1-2 spoons of jaggery, fenugreek seeds, and a few basil leaves to one cup of water. Let all the ingredients boil for around 10 minutes. Give your infant 1-2 tablespoons of this combination only once daily.

Final Thoughts

With care and medical treatment, you can help your infant recover from a dry cough. You may also speak with your baby’s doctor to learn about the best strategies to treat this illness.

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