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How to Cure Baby Face Rash | StarAndDaisyCare

How to Cure Baby Face Rash

Babies, especially those between 0-6 months, have sensitive and gentle skin. It is natural, so there’s nothing to worry about. However, it makes their skin more vulnerable to itching, skin irritation and rashes. Being a responsible parent, you need not worry or panic but rather cure their problem using simple home remedies.

Home Remedies are generally recommended as their sensitive skin cannot bear lotions and creams. Such things contain more chemicals that do cure but also harm their skin. Therefore, for common childhood issues, you must stick to home remedies as the ultimate cure.

Home Remedies to Cure Baby Face Rash

You need not worry about Baby Face Rash. Rather simple ingredients available at your home will be an excellent cure for the issue. The following are some easy home remedies that will cure your baby’s face rash:

Blend some Organic Oatmeal

Oatmeal is an excellent remedy for itching. Oatmeal contains an ingredient that makes it an anti-inflammatory substance. However, it would help if you used organic Oatmeal. Use a bowl of organic Oatmeal, dilute it with some water and then blend the two. When you grind to make a smooth batter, apply the paste to your baby’s face, leave it for some time and remove it after it has dried. But the important thing to ensure is that your child isn’t allergic to Oatmeal. Use a very small amount of this application on their arm; if everything is fine, only apply it to their face.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile has several antioxidants that help heal wounds and cure rashes. If your baby has a mild Rash or over a small part of their face, use a single Chamomile Tea Bag. Else you can use two. Keep the tea bag(s) in lukewarm water, and wait for them to boil. Afterwards, let it cool, take the teabag(s) out of the water and place it over your baby’s face. But, be careful the tea bags should not be hot or warm else that will harm your baby’s face

Banana Peels

Banana peels might sound absurd as a relief, but they act as an excellent cure. For that, refrigerate banana Peels for one-hour maximum. Afterwards, apply a small part of the Peels to your baby’s face, then watch for at least 5 minutes. Banana Peels would do its work. Besides healing, it will also cleanse and rejuvenate your baby’s skin. These also moisturise your baby’s skin.


A skin rash may also be due to eczema. This occurs due to a weekly developed immune system common in babies. Yoghurt contains certain good bacteria that boost your child’s immune system. You can apply it over your baby’s face. If they are older than six months, you can feed them some plain yoghurt.

Besides, there are other simple remedies also that have great medicinal properties. Like you may grind Neem leaves to make a paste, diseases like Eczema are effectively cured with the same. Alternatively, Aloe Vera is the best for the skin. You extract some fresh gel from Aloe Vera leaves and apply it twice a day to your baby’s skin. If at all these don’t work, then you must visit a Pediatrician immediately.

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