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How to Treat Dehydration in Newborn Babies at Home | StarAndDaisyCare

How to Treat Dehydration in Newborn Babies at Home?

A baby’s small body cannot keep the Fluids stored in its body for consistent hydration. All that a baby does is eat and sleep because their body and mind are yet to develop. For this reason, they need to drink more and fulfil their body needs for development. Babies get all their nutrition from their feed. An extreme temperature can cause a quick loss of Fluid from the body causing dehydration. Let us tell you more about the Signs of Dehydration in babies up to 6 months.

What Are The Common Signs For Dehydration In A Baby Upto 6 Months?

It is normal for babies to spit out small amounts of milk after feeding. However, if your baby has been ill for some time now, vomiting, and has stayed out in the heat for a long time, you must check these signs of Dehydration in them. Some common signs of Dehydration in babies up to 6 months are:

  • Less than 6 wet diapers in 24 hours
  • Dark and more concentrated Urine
  • Cracked lips
  • Teachers crying
  • Sunken eye
  • Dry skin

These are some common signs of Dehydration in babies. An immediate goal for home remedies is rehydration in babies because they cannot store many Fluids in their bodies.

5 Simple Home remedies to Treat Dehydration

Increase fluid intake

The first step to treating Dehydration is filling up the depleted levels of fluid content in the baby’s body. For this reason, you must quickly move the baby to a cool place and give them water or feed, depending on their age, immediately. For example, if your baby is a toddler, you can give them some easy-to-digest fruit juices.

Daily Breastfeed

If your baby is not drinking a sufficient amount of Fluid at a time, you can Breastfeed regularly. You can feed once; once they rest, wait for 15 minutes and feed again. But, make sure that you don’t over-feeding them, which could cause further problems.

Try a different formula

It is normal for babies to vomit small amounts of milk because it is not easy to digest. However, you can go for another formula of feed to check which one might suit them more, causing less spill.

Dress your baby in light clothes

Clothes can be a reason for Dehydration because heavy and layered clothing can cause more sweat. But, you can try to make them wear light clothes that will be more breathable and comfortable.

Sponge Bath

Sometimes, Dehydration can be accompanied by fever in little ones. In that case, you go for a sponge bath in normal water that can reduce their high body temperature quickly, providing relief.

We hope you might have got sufficient home remedies to treat Dehydration. But, do consult your doctor before adopting any remedy for Dehydration. However, if the Dehydration does not improve and increases further, consult your paediatrician at the earliest. In severe hydration, the doctors might use an IV and medication to treat the problem.

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