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Home remedies for Colic in infants | StarandDaisyCare

Home remedies for Colic in infants

If your baby is crying much for consecutive days in a row, they might have colic. Colic can be best described as a condition where your baby cries for more than 3 hours a day, for 3 days in a week, across 3 consecutive weeks. Babies with colic tend to clench their palms, tighten their stomach muscles, arch their backs, and bend their hands and knees towards their stomach while crying.

The condition of colic mostly starts at 3 weeks in an infant. Colic disappears by the time they are 4 to 6 months old. Under this condition, the baby’s abdominal muscles are usually quite tense. Further, they also tend to pass a lot of wind. Another distinct feature of the condition is the crying, which seems more like the baby is screaming or is in pain.

Causes of Colic in infants

Colic can occur due to a wide variety of factors. However, little is known about why the condition develops in infants in the first month of being born and how and why it disappears over time. A few causes that are thought to develop colic in infants are:

  • An underdeveloped digestive system
  • Food allergies
  • Overfeeding, underfeeding, or infrequent burping
  • The early form of childhood migraine

Home remedies to treat colic in infants

Warm bath

A warm bath is a home remedy used for a long time now. It helps very effectively in colic. This is because warm water is perfect for relieving pain. You can also massage your baby’s stomach gently during the bath.


Massages work wonders in soothing babies and are also very effective for good digestion in infants. You can use either olive or coconut oil to massage your baby’s stomach gently.

Compression with a warm cloth

A warm cloth can be used to compress the stomach gently. Dip a cloth in lukewarm water and gently use it to compress and rub your child’s stomach. It helps to relieve gas, thus getting rid of colic.


Another effective remedy for colic in babies. You should always practice burping your baby after feeding them. This is because it is a proven way to relieve your baby’s gas and trapped air in their stomach. Put your baby on your shoulder after you have fed them and pat their back gently. You will hear a burp soon enough.


Hing (asafoetida) helps get rid of gas in the stomach and is an excellent aid for proper digestion in infants. Thus, it is a popular and effective home remedy for colic in India. First, add a small amount of hing to one teaspoon of water and boil it. Then, apply the mixture around your baby’s navel area gently. Or if your baby is consuming solid food, you can add something to tier food as well.

These are some quick and effective remedies for colic in infants below 6 months. However, if you feel like the remedies are not working, you should consult a pediatrician immediately. After all, colic can be caused by several other factors. So, it’s best to consult your doctor in that case.

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