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How to Cure Baby Eye Infection | StarAndDaisyCare

How to Cure Baby Eye Infection?

Babies of 0-6 months of age are more prone to eye infections. Though the probability of infection is equal in babies yet it is more common in infants. It happens due to the bacteria accumulated in the birth canal. You may notice infection at an earlier stage or later on. However, it is recommended to know whether your little one has an eye infection or not.

You need to monitor symptoms like reddish colour in your child’s eyelids or even in the whiter part of your child’s eye. Besides, you need not worry if your child’s eye is giving out a Yellowish coloured discharge. It usually happens due to a common bacterial infection, and you should make sure to wipe your eyes. Moreover, some other symptoms include puffy eyes, matted eyelids (sticky eyelids), or watery eyes due to viral infection can also account for the same reason.

Home Remedies for Baby Eye Infection

You must surely be worried about your baby’s health. Therefore, you must not believe in home remedies for curing eye infections. However, you should know that babies have sensitive eyes. Allopathic remedies like eye drops or medicines may harm their eyes. Besides, babies cannot tolerate pain, unlike adults can. In such a scenario, home remedies quickly cure their eye infection, giving them relief without causing any harm to their eyes.

Chamomile Oil

Chamomile Oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help cure infections. Babies have delicate eyes, with the oil being highly concentrated. Therefore you must not apply it around the eyes.  Add a few drops of oil to steaming water and keep it distant from your baby’s eyes. You can even add some drops in a humidifier, but they should also be kept away from the baby’s eyes.

Salt Water

Saltwater is one of the best remedies. Salt has good cleansing properties and is an effective antibiotic. To some cups of water, you should add one teaspoon of salt and mildly warm the two forming a solution. Wash your baby’s eyes with it, or you can even wet a cotton swab and place it around your child’s eyes. They will be quickly relieved from eye infections and irritations.

Breast Milk

You might feel it absurd to hear, but breast milk is highly effective for many issues. Soak a cotton swab in some pumped out breast milk and apply it around your child’s eyes.

Warm Water and some Cold Water

Water is another remedy that might sound ineffective, but it is not. Wash your child’s eyes with cold water and then heat some water to lukewarm. Dip a cotton swab in the lukewarm water and apply it near your child’s eyes. Their pain and irritation will be quickly alleviated as their eye infection will be cured.

Certain bacterial infections may be too strong that simple home remedies might not work. If your child’s eye infections still don’t heal and their pain persists, then you should use antibiotics or some ointments. However, babies have sensitive eyes. Therefore you need to consult a paediatrician for the same.

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