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Effective Home Remedies for Gassy Stomach in Infant Babies | SndCare

Effective Home Remedies for Gassy Stomach in Infant Babies

If your infant child has gas in their stomach, you will notice that they feel much better after releasing the gas. Many babies develop a gassy stomach, so it is a very normal phenomenon. Most babies develop a gassy stomach after being born or a few weeks post-birth.

The digestive system is still new and not acclimated to the changes due to birth. However, most of them manage to recover and adapt by the time they are 4 to 6 months old.

Causes for a Gassy Stomach

There are a few reasons why your infant child has a gassy stomach.

1. Due to air swallowing: Basically, gas occurs due to air getting sucked into the digestive tract. It can happen when the baby feeds on a bottle and goes empty. Naturally, the baby will end up swallowing air in this case. Also, when your baby is crying, he can swallow air too. As a result, this leads to gas in the stomach.

2. A new digestive system: after birth, the digestive system is not very used to the outside world post-birth. Thus it may allow food to pass through too quickly, so it doesn’t break down and digest properly.

Home remedies for a gassy stomach in infants


Pat, your baby, ‘s back while feeding him gently for a burp. It allows the body to remove the swallowed air before it reaches the bowels and causes gas problems in the stomach. If your baby is reluctant to continue being fed after a few minutes, it is a sign that he needs a burp and is not full.

Understand your babies’ hunger pattern

The more your baby cries, the more air your baby will swallow. And when air goes inside, frequent gas problems will occur. Thus, you need to understand your baby’s hunger pattern. When your baby is hungry, they will naturally cry and swallow air. However, if you catch on with their hunger pattern, you can feed them accordingly to minimise their crying and gas problems.

Tummy first position

Put your baby down in the tummy first position for 2 to 3 minutes. It helps to remove gas from the stomach by putting pressure on it. However, be careful that your baby’s mouth and nose are open and have access to air for breathing.

Baby Bicycles

Lay down your baby on his back and gently hold both their legs. Next, move them like how you push the pedals on a bicycle. It helps to push out the trapped air in their stomach. Alternatively, gently push our baby’s knees towards their stomach and hold for about 10 seconds. Then release and straighten their knees. Repeat several times, and you will see some relief in your child.

Control the air

The root cause of gas in the stomach of infants is swallowed air. So, if you can eliminate that as much as possible, the issue will be less prevalent. It’s better to feed your baby in an upright position, as this will minimize the amount of air swallowed by them. Further, don’t shake the feeding bottle much as it adds air bubbles to the milk, and make sure the bottle’s nipple has milk.

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