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Things To Buy For Your Maternity Hospital Bag

When you’re giving birth, what to bring can be tricky to figure out. There are so many things to consider, and they’re all essential items you need during your time in the hospital after giving birth, but that doesn’t mean they all have to fit in one bag! You may even want to grab multiple bags depending on how long you plan on staying at the hospital after delivery. To make sure you don’t forget anything important, use this maternity hospital bag checklist to help you prepare everything you need before your baby arrives.

Nursing bras

During pregnancy, your breasts might swell, meaning you’ll have to find a new bra size. Invest in a handful of comfortable nursing bras before birth; they may become your new favourites. Choose soft fabrics like cotton and jersey, and make sure they fit well. You can buy nursing bras with padding if you want extra support.


There’s no way to get around it: after a long, drawn-out labour, you’ll want to be cosy. So having a pair of comfy pyjamas that you love is a great option; they will help you feel more comfortable in your natural state. They’ll also make post-birth hospital stays just that much more bearable.


When you arrive at your hospital, they’ll take off your shoes and give you these to wear. You can bring a pair of slippers from home to have something more comfortable to slip into after a shower. Flip-flops: The hospital will provide shower sandals for both you and the baby when it’s time to get in for a warm bath. Bring some flip-flops or water shoes along so that you don’t need to go barefoot.


Buying two or three pairs of pregnancy underwear is a good idea. One might be a pair of seamless underwear, which can feel more comfortable in a new mom’s postpartum tummy, but they don’t necessarily work for every woman. An excellent essential pair won’t break your bank and will last through multiple pregnancies. Look for ones with wider waistbands and tummy panels for better coverage.


Bring loose-fitting clothes in neutral colours and layers. Dress in comfortable clothes and bring along extra socks, tights, hats, scarves and gloves so you can layer them up to stay warm. Loose-fitting pyjamas and sweatpants are perfect for labour, delivery and postpartum recovery. Comfortable shoes are an absolute must. Pack at least two pairs of sandals or flip-flops, one for walking around your hospital room and one for taking a shower or going outside to get some fresh air.

Socks, hats and other accessories

You’ll want a good pair of socks for when you go into labour and comfortable shoes or slippers. Additionally, it’s essential to pack hats and other accessories to make your baby more comfortable in an air-conditioned room; these include beanies, blankets and even noise-cancelling headphones. Finally, remember to be hygienic while packing; don’t use dirty clothing or bedding! Also, note that hospitals provide most of these things free of charge.

Entertainment – books, games etc.

Have a good book ready to keep you entertained. You may not want to put it down as you begin your new adventure, but things could get hectic once the baby arrives, and you’ll want something comforting to take your mind off of all that’s happening around you. Also, don’t forget a pen so you can leave messages for those who will be visiting. A fun game might help them pass the in-between time visits too!


It’s easy to forget to eat when you’re under stress, so it’s essential to make sure you have snacks on hand if you find yourself starving. If you can get a few small meals throughout your day, that will help keep your energy levels up. There can be other things that you would want to take, so plan your own bucket list months before your 9th month, which would facilitate an easy maternity hospital bag packing.

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