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Soothing Body Massage Tips For Third Trimester Pregnancy

You will feel that your body has changed into something strange during the third trimester of pregnancy. It’s not uncommon to feel tired, bloated, and ready to burst out of your skin as your belly gets bigger and bigger with every passing day. At the same time, there are undoubtedly other forms of relaxation that can help you deal with these growing pains (i.e., yoga, meditation). Getting a massage might be the best thing you can do during this delicate stage of your pregnancy. Body massages during the third trimester will leave you feeling relieved, rejuvenated, and relaxed!

How Often Should I Get A Massage?

Third-trimester pregnant women should get a massage at least once every two weeks, if not once a week or more. Massage reduces swelling in your joints and ligaments and thus can help to prevent complications such as back pain and difficulty moving around later on in pregnancy. It also boosts blood flow throughout your body, which helps with circulation and improves skin tone. And most importantly, it’s relaxing! What could be better than that?

Which Areas Should Be Avoided?

While pregnant, you’ll want to avoid all messages and manipulation of your abdominal area, particularly in your final trimester. Certain things are okay when your baby is still relatively small, but once you get into those last few months, it’s just not worth taking any chances. Be sure to let whoever gives you a massage know about your condition so they can steer clear of any risky areas. Also, be aware that certain kinds of massages can cause uterine contractions; if you’re trying to conceive or have recently become pregnant, be especially careful about which kinds of massage you receive. Finally, even if your doctor has given you permission for other types of therapeutic bodywork (such as trigger-point therapy), it’s always wise to ask whether any treatments could affect your pregnancy or breastfeeding.

What Are The Benefits Of Massaging Your Pregnant Body?

Pregnancy can be a demanding and challenging period for your body. So you should always include a bit of relaxation in your daily routine, starting from your first month until the delivery day. Massaging your body will help you relieve stress and have beautiful effects on your overall health and well-being, as well as that of your baby! Prenatal massage may even reduce your chances of going into labour too early by relieving uterine pressure. In addition, massage has proven to be an excellent method to ease many pregnancy-related discomforts such as back pain, heartburn or varicose veins. When you are pregnant, you should check with your doctor to see if a massage is safe for you to have. Many women get massages when they are in their second or third trimester. Your doctor can tell you how much pressure is safe and what things should be avoided (like certain oils).

Before a massage, it’s always best to speak with your doctor about any health concerns or any medications you are taking to ensure it is safe for you to receive a massage. A professional therapist can guide you through each step of the massage and work with your doctor if they have questions or concerns before performing a massage on you.

How Should I Position Myself On The Bed While Getting A Body Massage?

Lie face down on a soft, covered, firm mattress, like cotton or flannel. You may want to place a towel or thin blanket over your body for comfort and warmth, but it is unnecessary. You can use pillows also under your head or belly to get into an ideal position for body massage during pregnancy. If you are lying on your side, make sure you have enough pillows supporting you to be comfortable and able to breathe easily. If you are lying flat on your back, ensure support beneath your knees so they do not fall open uncomfortably.

Wrapping Up!

If you or someone you know is pregnant, a body massage during pregnancy can be a wonderful experience and an excellent way to reduce stress and feel more relaxed. However, by preparing yourself with some knowledge, having realistic expectations, and finding a professional masseuse who has experience working with pregnant women, you can ensure that your pregnancy massage is safe and comfortable.

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