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Life Routine To Be Followed During The Third Trimester?

The third trimester can be a really enjoyable and exciting time as you’re getting set to welcome your new baby into the world. However, you need to keep yourself calm and healthy during this period as it’s not just about you anymore but about the two of you now! You must take care of yourself as it will affect your little one in many ways, so choose what you want to eat wisely, how much and when. Here are some tips that you can follow in your daily routine during this period to ensure that you deliver a healthy baby without any risk or complication that could hamper your health or that of your baby’s health.

Nourish yourself with nourishing and delicious recipes

Your body works hard to meet your baby’s nutritional needs as they grow. A balanced diet of healthy foods rich in proteins, iron and calcium can help you and your baby stay healthy throughout pregnancy. Focus on a wide range of fruits, green vegetables, and whole grains. In addition, you consider lean meats and fish. You can also include low-fat dairy products in your routine. Try to avoid eating fried foods or fatty cuts of meat, like a grilled chicken breast instead of fried chicken wings. And remember: It’s okay if you don’t feel like cooking every night!Look for alternatives by talking to your partner and family members.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is essential in pregnancy, especially as your body works hard to grow and nurture your baby. Take an aim of 7-9 hours of sleep per night (when possible). Resting will help you feel more energised, but it will also lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Both are big bonuses when it comes to having a healthy pregnancy. If you’re struggling with fatigue or insomnia, try eliminating caffeine from your diet after lunchtime; laying down in a dark room with a cup of warm milk might help you drift off into dreamland easier. If you still can’t get enough rest, talk with your OB about whether medication could help.


To stay healthy throughout your pregnancy, always check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program. If you have a habit of working out regularly, you can probably continue some or all of your pregnancy activities, but make sure they are safe for a woman in her second or third trimester. For example, ask your doctor if it’s okay to run (probably not!), kickbox (maybe), lift weights or do yoga (almost certainly). Your doctor may also want you to modify any abdominal exercises.

Massage yourself

Feeling tired and exhausted, many women prefer a relaxing massage in their Third Trimester. Keeping your muscles and joints relaxed through a stress-reducing massage may keep you more comfortable as your baby grows larger and begins dropping into position for delivery. You can ask your partner or another close person or even go out and find a professional masseuse to rub pressure points on your back, neck, arms, and legs for about 15 minutes every day. Just remember that if you notice any potential signs of preterm labour, stop immediately and talk with your doctor before resuming. Otherwise, you’re good to go!

Maintain your routine activities in the usual way

You might find that staying up late or getting up early becomes difficult in your third trimester, but don’t let it throw you out of whack. Instead, try taking naps, especially if you get tired later in the day. If you’re worried about maintaining your routine activities at work, talk with your manager about whether it would make sense for you to take periodic breaks throughout your day. You might also consider sticking close to a coworker or two who can cover for you if needed. Just try not to get too much extra time off; it’s tempting in those last weeks.

Final Words

The third trimester can also be crucial for you and your baby. It would be best if you had some care and precautions to keep you safe. Make sure that you’re taking care of yourself in all senses. And, at last, congratulations! That’s it from our side. Stay healthy and happy!

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