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How To Handle Skin Changes During The Third Trimester?

During the third trimester, your skin will change in ways you might expect, which might surprise you. While some changes are related to your baby’s growth and development, others are related to pregnancy hormones that make your skin more sensitive or cause it to break out in strange new places. Third-trimester skin changes aren’t always welcome, but with a few helpful strategies, you can make them manageable and keep your body looking and feeling its best as you prepare to meet your baby!

Stretch Marks

Your body gaining weight will greatly affect your chances of developing stretch marks. Rapid weight gain can also lead to excessive swelling, which puts pressure on your skin and connective tissue beneath it, causing scarring. In addition, pregnancy hormones increase moisture retention in your body and can make you prone to stretch marks. Once stretch marks form, no treatment will remove them permanently. Still, other products designed for pregnant women may help lessen their appearance after delivery when all traces of excess fat have disappeared from their bodies.

Bumps on the Buttocks

The appearance of dark, discoloured spots on your skin is more common than you think. These breakouts happen because hormone levels rise during pregnancy, increasing sensitivity to redness and irritation in one particular area, like your cheeks! The good news is that your hormones go back to normal after giving birth. Before then? Try aloe vera gel on your face when a breakout appears. Both will help lessen irritation and reduce redness before it can spread. And don’t forget that acne tends to occur along hormonal zones like your chin and jawline.

Breast Enlargement and Skin Changes

As your body prepares for delivery, several changes can occur. For example, your breasts may enlarge and fill with fluid, which causes them to be more tender. You may also notice your nipples darkening or thickening, although uncommon. Some women develop stretch marks at their breasts or elsewhere on their bodies; others do not. If you have dark-coloured spots on your nipples, don’t worry. They will likely go away after delivery or disappear completely as your baby-nurses.

Facial Hair

As pregnancy progresses, you may find yourself in a weird stage where your hormones are going crazy and making every little thing seem bigger than it is. One of those little things might be facial hair. Some women find that they start growing odd hairs on their chin or upper lip, just like moustache hairs, but it’s not permanent.

Darkening of the Skin

Although your bump will appear larger, for now, you may notice a small darkening of your normally light-skinned stomach. It’s called linea nigra, Latin for blackline because it appears as a black line on your abdomen. Don’t panic; it will go away after giving birth.

Final Words

During your third trimester, you’ll notice your body continuing to change. While each pregnancy is different, some common issues arise for many pregnant women. For example, you may have seen your abdominal area getting a little tight or itchy; these are signs of pregnancy rhinitis. This can make sleep more difficult as it can cause itchiness when lying down and even cause you to wake up due to sneezing episodes. Fortunately, pregnancy rhinitis typically goes away after delivery, so there’s no need for medication or changing your diet. As long as you keep yourself hydrated, continue wearing loose clothing, and take frequent breaks from your workstation to stretch out, things should improve over time.

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