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Home Remedies for Heat Rashes in Babies | StarAndDaisy

Simple and Effective Home Remedies for Heat Rashes in Babies

Babies’ skin is highly sensitive, making heat rash one of the children’s most prevalent skin problems. If your newborn is active or you live in a tropical climate, they might be prone to heat rashes. Let’s look at some helpful home remedies for treating heat rashes in your baby.

Home Remedies for Heat Rash

During the summer, a heat rash is a typical event for infants. We also refer to it as prickly heat or miliaria. Although everyone has this problem at some time, it often causes considerable discomfort in newborns because of their delicate skin. Heat rashes arise when the body sweats excessively, causing the skin’s pores to get clogged and unable to discharge excess perspiration.

However, some effective and easy home remedies can help soothe and prevent heat rash.

Compressing Cold

If your child suffers from heat rashes, roll some ice in a soft towel and pat it on the affected areas. Cold compresses can quickly relieve burning and itchy feelings.

Put on loose-fitting garments

Choosing loose-fitting garments is one of the greatest cures for heat rash since it helps keep the rash–and your entire body—cool while the region heals naturally.


Give your infant a cool bath. It should be chilly but comfy for your youngster. To minimize additional clogging of pores, skip the soap or body wash and instead use water. Allow your infant to air-dry rather than rub the skin with a towel.

Fuller’s Earth

It has powerful antibacterial and therapeutic qualities. As it is a natural source, it has no adverse effects on infants. You may apply it to the rashes by combining cool filtered water or rose water. Wipe it down gently with a cloth if it gets too moist.


Honey also has therapeutic powers and may quickly treat heat rashes. Apply honey straight to your baby’s skin and keep it on for 5 to 7 minutes before bathing.


Oatmeal also contains anti-inflammatory and calming effects. Take a soft muslin fabric, fill it with 1/2 cup of oats, and knot it into a bundle. Soak the bundle in cold water for a few minutes before gently dabbing it on your baby’s skin. This medicine can relieve itching quickly and promote a speedier recovery.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera contains cooling and healing characteristics and can relieve irritation and pain immediately after application. Apply some aloe vera gel on the afflicted region and leave it on for as long as possible. Then, either wipe it down with a soft, moist cloth or bathe your baby.


Cucumber also relieves heat rashes quickly. You can apply cucumber slices or paste straight to your baby’s sensitive skin. In addition, you can rub some cucumber juice onto your baby’s skin by pressing them gently on the skin. Cucumber provides cooling and moisturizing
characteristics to relieve itchy and burning sensations while hydrating your child’s skin.


Babies are vulnerable to a wide range of health problems, owing to their sensitive bodies. So when you find your kid suffering from heat rashes, you may immediately apply one of the remedies listed above to relieve their discomfort.

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