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BabyTime (U.K.) – Newborn Baby Crib Cot with Rocker


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  • ❤️ Multi Functionality: The baby crib is equipped with toy bar, Mosquito net, Storage basket that gives you the freedom to comfort your child at all hours. This may be used as a night sleeping cot while connecting it to your bed, mobile crib during the day, shaker to soothe the baby. 
  • ❤️ Dual Side Height Adjustment and Conversion to Joy Bed: It can be connected to your bed, and can also be lifted from one side to keep the baby at raised position after feeding. Also, it can be transformed into a baby’s own safe and secure play area. 
  • ❤️ Air circulation design: The crib is designed with double stitching oxford 500 breathable fabric, along with side net for better and easier air circulation that is good for baby’s growth and development. 
  • ❤️ Orthopedic Mattress: The crib comes with the approved orthopedic 3d rebound mattress that forms the shape of baby spine while giving the resistant force so that the baby spine is at comfort and pleasure. These small details make Babytime (U.K.) StarAndDaisy crib ahead of the competition. 
  • ❤️ Extra Large Bed Size: The bed basket size of 120 X 65 cm is apt for child up to 5 years and the crib having the load bearing capacity of more than 50 kg, makes it a better, sturdy, and light weight replacement of wooden cribs.