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Handle With Care When Dealing With Pregnancy Mood Swings

Handle With Care When Dealing With Pregnancy Mood Swings

An expectant mother’s hormones are out of whack, and it’s taking its toll on her mental health. Handling an emotional woman is not an easy job; it takes more than love and care to deal with your wife’s mood swings throughout this exciting journey. You can, however, do several things. First, handle her mood swings in the best possible way and hopefully make her happy enough that she won’t notice the changes to her body, hormones, and life! Here are some tips that might help.

Stay calm

Men tend to handle frustration by taking action, and women think things through. In other words, she gets upset and cries; he gets upset and walks away. When that happens, resist reaching for your phone or computer; she might feel like you’re leaving her alone to deal with her emotions, even if you’re going to make a cup of coffee. Instead, tell her you’ll be right back and do something else in another room. If you can’t stand being separated from her, find a way to soothe yourself until it’s your turn to listen again. For example: put on some music, make yourself an iced tea or call a trusted friend.

Realise it’s normal

While plenty of hormones are swirling around in your wife’s body, it doesn’t mean she needs to go off on you. However, you need to realise that her emotions can change quickly and be difficult to control. You might even see a range of moods during different times of the day. Your best bet is to try and figure out what causes her mood shifts so you can avoid them if possible. Also, know exactly how she communicates when things are going well instead of when they’re not going well, like trying different styles until you find one that works best for both of you.


As your wife gets pregnant, she will fluctuate in her moods. Every time you will be on pins and needles wondering if you did something wrong. First off, don’t beat yourself up about it. Know that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for why she acts differently from normal. Her hormones are out of whack, and, understandably, things may seem more extreme to her than they are at times. The finest thing you can do is stay calm and not take it personally. Remind yourself that there is a good reason for her behaviour and trust that everything will work out with time. If your wife is still down in the dumps, continue to show empathy by offering more heartfelt words of support


Relaxation is a great stress-reliever, and it can be as simple as taking a bath or reading a book. Remember that this too shall pass when you feel overwhelmed by work, school, parenting, etc. Take five minutes to meditate or take a relaxing shower. You will reduce your overall stress level and have more energy to devote to other things in your life. In addition, it will give you a pleasant mind to handle the sudden mood swings of your partner. Nothing’s more frustrating than feeling stressed over it! Therefore, it’s best to prevent yourself from ever getting frustrated in the first place!

Resist the urge to argue or win

Like any other emotion, let your wife know that you’re there to support her and help her deal with these feelings. Agreeing to disagree on some things might be a good thing here; however, try not to argue or say anything that may make her feel like she’s less of a woman because she has so many hormones raging through her body. Instead, understand where she’s coming from and do your best to empathise with her. It can take time, but keep trying!!

Final Words

It’s not just you; pregnancy hormones can cause massive mood swings that may make you want to pull your hair out. But remember, it won’t last forever: once the baby arrives, those uncomfortable feelings will pass, and you and your partner will be ready to start a new chapter as a family. So please do everything you can to cheer her up in this period! After all, a happy wife makes for a happy life!

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