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Baby Names with German Origin

If you’re a fan of German culture, you may be familiar with the beautiful language and culture. But did you know that some baby names are also derived from the German language? Here’s a list of names and their meanings that you can select for your baby


(German) Pronounced Ahn-uh, Anna is the most used female name in Germany. It can also be seen as Anne or Ann; they’re all the same. Anna is a name meaning grace or graciousness.


The name Elisa is a variant of Elizabeth which means “God has heard”, the meaning of Elizabeth can also be related to praising God.The meaning of the name Elisa is derived from Greek Elissa


The name Hermann means Army man. The name Hermann has been derived from the German word “Heri” that means Army.


The name Julia is derived from the term “Julia”. Julia was the Roman name of the goddess of life and the source of today’s English and French “jolie”, which means “pretty, lovely


Pronounced Liddy-uh, Lydia is more common among German girls than boys. It means “joy of the people”. Lydia is derived from the Greek name Lyde which is derived from Lyddus. It is originally a feminine name, but in modern times it has been used as an English male name.


The name Lara means Famous warrior.The name Lara also, means noble and it has been derived from the German word Larissa, that means noble.


The name Lena means Light. The name Lena has been derived from the German word “lehn” that means light


This name is of Scottish origin meaning “pearl”. It is also seen as a short form of names ending in “-maren”. In Germany, Maren was used traditionally as a male name, but it’s now used more commonly to refer to both sexes.


The name Pia is of German origin. It means pure, pious and chaste; qualities that a woman should have.


The name Sophie means Wisdom and it has been derived from the German word Sophia, that means wisdom.


The name Svenja means Queen. The name Svenja has been derived from the German word “sowen”, that represents the element of water and the word “Ja”, which means yes, so it actually means Queen of water.


The name Sven means God of War. The name Sven has been derived from the German word Siegfried, a young nobleman in Germanic mythology and folklore who is noted for his legendary bravery and prowess


This name is of German origin, meaning “bringer of victory”. Varinika is the Indianised form of the German name Berenike.


Here are the top baby names with German origin and their meanings. These German names would be perfect for you. Why don’t you choose one and give it to your little baby? It might shine in a golden name.

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