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9 Pregnancy Test Kits In India

Why do we need pregnancy test kits?

Prior, ladies needed to make surmises regardless of whether they are pregnant in case they missed their period. In any case, presently with the development of science and medication, pregnancy test units let you know whether you are pregnant or not in less than a couple of moments. It is the simplest method for deciding on pregnancy right off the bat, and likely the most advantageous and confidential one too.

Pregnancy test units in India are effectively accessible in drug stores and departmental stores. They are without a doubt convenient and pocket well disposed of. Anybody can involve them as they are so easy to utilize. They will safeguard your security too if you would rather not expose your pregnancy.

Visiting the specialist each time you question a pregnancy can be badly designed. The majority of the ladies like to decide on their pregnancy secretly in their home and afterward provided that the outcome turns positive, they like to visit the specialist for additional direction.

Early discovery of pregnancy is profoundly gainful as it assists with making essential way of life changes to stretch out your additional help to the new life developing inside. Thusly, in its genuine sense, pregnancy test units can be considered one of the most lovely gifts of science to a lady.

What Is A Pregnancy Test Kit?

Pregnancy test Kits are over-the-counter units that assist to decide whether you are pregnant or not. The packs identify human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) in your pee. hCG is a chemical created in creating the placenta of the embryo.

When you get pregnant, hCG will be available in blood and pee. The degree of hCG increments exceptionally quickly during the good ‘ol long periods of pregnancy. It assumes a key part in supporting a pregnancy until the placenta is completely evolved to support the pregnancy.

Pregnancy test packs utilize a substance that responds to hCG. Most likely it will be a counteracting agent of hCG. In any case, this synthetic will respond to the hCG present in the pee. The consequence of this response makes one more substance that achieves an extra line or extra tone (contingent upon the units), subsequently, affirming a pregnancy.


A large portion of the pregnancy test units have the region stamped C, and T. C represents the control line. This line shows the test is all-around directed. T represents the test line. This line shows up assuming the test is positive. If the C line is missing, the test is viewed as invalid.

A home pregnancy test is a subjective test. Peruse the guidelines in the unit cautiously before proceeding with the test. The utilization directions might differ from one pack to another. Likewise, ensure it hasn’t crossed the lapse date.

The responsiveness likewise differs and thusly while certain packs can peruse an unquestionably low degree of hCG (empowering to discern whether you are pregnant when you missed your period), others can peruse the hCG once it arrives at a specific level.

A marker that decides the pregnancy additionally changes among pregnancy test units. For instance, a few units accompany one window and will show two striking lines if positive and one intense line if negative. While some pregnancy test packs accompany two windows. What’s more, one or more sign in the subsequent window decides the pregnancy.

Note: First-time clients ought to consider purchasing pregnancy test packs that are not difficult to utilize and decipher the outcomes.

Factors Pregnancy test Rely on

The greater part of the top pregnancy test packs in India guarantees to have the vast majority of precision. In any case, pregnancy test unit results rely upon different variables like when the test is performed, what time you decide to step through the examination, and so on.

The experimental outcome may likewise get impacted assuming you are taking rich drugs or on the other hand assuming you drink an excess of water that weakens the pee while stepping through the examination. The precision likewise gets impacted assuming you utilize a pregnancy test pack that is past its termination date.

In this way, you might get a misleading negative or a bogus positive outcome in light of multiple factors. So if you get negative experimental outcomes and assume you firmly suspect you are pregnant, proceed with another home pregnancy pack test following seven days.

For boosting the precision of pregnancy test units

  • Take the primary pee in the first part of the day to test
  • Ensure you are not all around hydrated before gathering pee. Weakened pee may not give a precise outcome.

Kinds Of Pregnancy Tests kits In India

Pregnancy test packs in India come in two sorts – Strip-type pregnancy test units, which appear to be more famous, and cup-type pregnancy test packs.

Strip-type pregnancy test units are more famous as they are a fast and simple method for recognizing a pregnancy from the beginning. There is no need for an additional mechanical assembly, and you should simply pee on this strip by holding the strip in the pee stream. Hang tight for a couple of moments, and you will come by the outcome.

Cup type, then again, accompanies a cup and dropper. You need to pee in the cup and utilize the dropper to drop the ideal measure of pee in the test region. This type is great for limiting mix-ups, and it is more affordable than the strip types.

9 Pregnancy Test Kits In India-With Procedure To Use Them

Such countless brands of Pregnancy Test Kits are accessible in the Indian market. Hence, the genuine test isn’t to find a pregnancy test unit, yet to track down the most proficient one for you. Here we are acquainting you with 9 pregnancy test packs in India. 

1. Prega news 

Produced by: Mankind Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Merits: Prega News offers credible and dependable test results in 3 minutes or less. It can identify the hCG level before 4-5 days of the due date of the period.

How it functions: Prega news pregnancy test unit accompanies a pack of a solitary utilizing a synthetic test strip and a dropper. Gather the main pee toward the beginning of the day and with the assistance of the dropper given, administer 2-3 drops of pee into the example well. You will obtain the outcome in three minutes or less.
Keep in mind, that dropping excessively or too little pee in the example well will antagonistically influence the outcome.

Instructions to understand results: Two pink lines demonstrate a positive outcome and a solitary line shows a negative pregnancy result.

Precision: almost 100%

Cost: Many combo offers are accessible on web-based destinations like Flipkart and Amazon. Bunch of two cost INR 100.


Produced by: Piramal Healthcare

Merits: I-CAN Pregnancy Test unit is the most famous brand among Indian ladies because of its advertising and viability. It is extremely simple to utilize. You can direct this test as soon as the sixth day after having unprotected sex.

How it functions: The load accompanies a dropper and compound strip. You need to drop three drop of pee in the little space in the unit, which shows up “S”. The outcome will show inside 1-5 minutes.

Instructions to understand results: A dull pink or purple shaded band close to C and T region shows pregnancy. Assuming no band shows up in the T district, it implies you are not pregnant.

Exactness: almost 100%

Value: INR165 for a pack of three

3. Dr. Morepen Pregnancy Test

Makes: Dr. Morepen

Merits: Dr. Morepen Pregnancy Test packs are not difficult to utilize. Indeed, even the newbies can utilize these easily. According to the organization, you don’t need to sit tight for the morning pee test. You will get an exact experimental outcome whenever led whenever during the day.

It is incredibly delicate to hCG so it can identify the presence with precision and early. It is a computerized pregnancy test unit and gives quick and exact outcomes in 5 minutes or less.

How it functions: The unit contains 1 test gadget and one dispensable dropper. Gather the pee test in a spotless, dry holder, and with the dropper put 2 to 3 drops on the test gadget. You will come by the outcome in 5 minutes or less.

Step-by-step instructions to understand results: The dim purple variety line shows pregnancy. The variety is useful in perusing tests that have lower discovery levels.

Precision: High exactness, over almost 100%

Value: INR 500 for five tests; Rs. 60 for each pack

4. Dr. Reddy’s Velocit Pregnancy Kit

Made by: Dr. Reddy

Merits: It can be required upon the arrival of the missed period itself. The possibilities of a misleading pregnancy or erroneous outcomes are extensively low. Dr. Reddy’s Velocit Pregnancy unit is likewise simple to utilize and accessible normally.

How it functions: Add three drops of pee in the example well of the test gadget. You will come by the outcome shortly.

Instructions to understand results: One purple line at the Control locale shows you are not pregnant. Two purple lines at the Test and Control areas show pregnancy. Assuming there are no apparent lines or extremely faint lines in one or the two locales, the test is invalid. In such a case, doing the test once more is suggested.

Exactness: close to 100%

Value: INR 130

5. Velocit Eazy Test Kit

Made by: Dr. Reddy

Merits: The best thing about Velocit Eazy Test Kit is, that it is a one-gadget unit. In this way, you can disregard the muddled pee assortment. Likewise, this unit is extremely financially savvy. You can utilize it on the principal day of the missing time frame.

How it functions: Hold the strip in the surge of pee straightforwardly. The strip accompanies a thumb grasp. Ensure the permeable strip is pointed downwards in the pee stream for a limit of 10 seconds.

The most effective method to understand results: Velocit eazy will show you the outcome in around 3 minutes. Redline in the T Area shows a positive outcome. The outcome is effectively meaningful as the screen is wide.

Precision: close to 100%

Value: INR 98

6. Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test Kit

Made by: A joint endeavor between Procter and Gamble and Alere.

Merits: Clearblue in addition to is the main pregnancy test pack accessible in India that is endorsed by US FDA. It is one of the top overall hits. You can involve it to distinguish pregnancy as soon as four days before you miss your period. While a wide 18-mm tip assists with assisting with gathering a satisfactory example, the coordinated Flood watch innovation assists with forestalling oversampling.

How it functions: Place the spongy tip in your pee stream for 5 seconds. The outcomes are prepared in only 3 minutes. Keeps the spongy tip pointing downwards all through the testing system.

Step-by-step instructions to understand results: The outcomes come as ‘+’ or ‘-,’ pregnant and not pregnant, separately.

Exactness: Over close to 100%

Value: INR 175 for a pack of two

7. AccuTest hCG Pregnancy Test

Fabricated by: Cadila

Merits: Being generally accessible and pocket-accommodating, the AccuTest hCG pregnancy test is one of the top pregnancy test units in India. It is usually utilized by numerous ladies across India to distinguish pregnancy inside the solace of their homes.

How it functions: The kit accompanies a dropper and substance strip. With the assistance of this dropper, place a couple of drops of morning pee gathered in a spotless compartment to the example window. The outcome will be shown in under one moment.

The most effective method to understand results: Two lines demonstrate pregnancy. One line demonstrates no pregnancy.

Precision: almost 100%

Value: INR 40 for each unit.

8. Get news Onestep Pregnancy Test

Produced by: Neclife

Merits: High exactness and early recognition is the main component of this pack.

How it functions: The test gadget comes in separately pressed foil pockets with a dropper and desiccant. Draw two drops of pee test with the assistance of a dropper and apportion it into the example well of the test gadget. You can peruse the outcome quickly.

The most effective method to understand results: Two variety groups at the position T and C shows pregnancy. One variety band at position c shows no pregnancy.

Exactness: 99.9%

Value: INR 350

9 PREGAKEM Pregnancy Test Kit

Produced by: Alkem

Merits: It is one of the most seasoned brands of pregnancy units in India confided in by loads of ladies. Effectively accessible online as well as disconnected, it is generally used to affirm pregnancy secretly with incredible exactness.

How it functions: Each Pregakem pack contains 1 Unique Urine Collection Tray, 1 test gadget, one dropper, and one silica gel pocket/desiccant pocket. Gather the pee in the pee assortment plate. Put three drops of pee in the example all around checked ‘S’ utilizing the dropper given. You will come by your outcomes in five minutes or less.

The most effective method to understand results: If two pink/red lines show up in stamped regions ‘T’ and ‘C’, it demonstrates a positive outcome. If by some stroke of good luck one pink line shows up in the given stamped region ‘C’, it demonstrates an adverse outcome. Assuming no lines show up in any window, or one red line in T it demonstrates the invalid outcome. In this case, the test should be led once more.

Precision: almost 100%

Value: It costs around INR 60 for each unit. It is accessible on the web or in drug stores. Online offers may limited. A bunch of five units is accessible in a critical markdown of INR 177 on Flipkart.

Thus, above is the rundown of names of pregnancy test units regularly accessible in India. Should there be any disarray, you can constantly step through the examination once more (with an unused test pack) or contact your PCP. To take no chances, it is consistently fitting to purchase 2 of them together with the goal that in the occasion one is ruined during the test, you can have the other one promptly accessible.

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