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5 Exercises to Do Before Child Delivery

You would not run in the Olympics without undergoing training. Childbirth should be no exception. Pregnancy, labour, and delivery can be as demanding as participating in the Olympics. You may be a working lady or a homemaker. How would you find time to work out? Unlike participating in the Olympics, you do not have to undertake a long training session. A few exercises can help you relieve pain and train yourself to show light to a new child.

The right exercises can help you relieve pain during delivery and may even quicken the delivery process. Working out will also help you to return to your pre-baby size quicker. Whether you are a newbie to working out or a pro, these five exercises will help you through your labour process.

1.Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose will help you lengthen your pelvic floor muscle and discard discomfort. First, kneel and sit on your heels. Then, lean forward and spread your arms in front of you. Take some deep breaths. Alternatively, you can also touch the ground with your elbows and support your head with your palms. As your belly increases, you will need to spread apart your knees to make space. If it feels uncomfortable to sit on your heels, you can raise yourself a little. Do not raise your hips above your heart.

2. Deep Squat

Deep squat help you to relax, lengthens pelvic floor muscle and stretches the perineum. Stand with your legs wide apart. The gap between your legs should be more than your hips. Try to squat down as far as you can. Place your hands on your thighs. Deep squats have various benefits. Ask your trainer about the number of times you should do this workout.

3. Cat/Cow

Cat/Cow poses help you to relieve back pain and remove discomfort. Get on your knees. Place your palms on the ground. Inhale and bend your back. Look up at the sky. Exhale and round your back with your chin towards your chest.

Perineal Bulges

Perineal Bulges help you to push smoothly during delivery without holding your breath. Valsalva or holding your breath has several potential risks. It can reduce the amount of blood flow back to the heart, reduce maternal blood pressure, and lessen maternal blood oxygen and blood flow to the placenta. It can also harm the fetus in many ways. This exercise should only be rehearsed during the final three weeks of pregnancy. Practising them more than needed can put extra pressure on pelvic floor muscles. However, you should not practice this exercise if you have a premature rupture in membranes, vaginal bleeding when you are pregnant, or pelvic organ prolapse.

Perineal Massage

Perineal massage helps in lengthening and softening the tissues of the perineum. You may start this exercise at 35 weeks of pregnancy. Performing this massage for 10 minutes a day will give you the ultimate results. You can buy this massage chair at the best price to perform your perineal massage.

Final Thoughts

Get into the habit of exercising a few minutes in a day to have a smooth labour time. Before choosing the right sets of exercises, always consult with your doctor. What’s permissible and to which extent is something they hold as expertise.

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