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Most of the mothers do not pay much attention towards the breast pumps, as it is a not so common item to be used by them. However, the breast pumps can actually be beneficial for mother and baby. There are several ways in which the breast pumping is considered as a good method of feeding the babies by pediatricians. Not only this, it helps the mother in avoid several post pregnancies issues.

Star and Daisy is truly glad to offer the amazing the collection of breast pumps to help the mothers in delivering the breast milk to the baby. The breast pumps at Star and Daisy are made from 100% BPA free medical grade material. The inner valve has an anti-backflow design that protects the milk from infections and keep it safe for baby.

The Star and Daisy has both electrical and non-electrical variants of the breast pump available at the store. You can choose the one that suits your requirements from the collection. The electrical breast pumps come with number of features to make the breast pumping an easy task for the mother. The different adjustable modes of suction access the convenience to the mother. You can easily charge the pump after use.