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Baby names with Irish origin

If you are looking for a list of the best baby names of an Irish origin, we have just what you’re looking for. Ireland is one of the most popular countries in Europe to visit and while it’s known as a land of myths, dreams and magic, many visitors can’t help but be struck by some of the beautiful Irish baby names.


(meaning “eagle”).
A beautiful white eagle is depicted on this unique moniker that means beauty, grace and strength! It’s an old Celtic tradition to give children names derived from birds. If you want a name that has an impact on people the moment they hear it, Aban is the one for you!


(meaning “beach”)
It’s no wonder this one is so popular if you look at the meaning. A real beach-bum, Ahi is a name that suits any gender, and is sure to set your baby to rest peacefully in his/her cradle.


(meaning “clean” or “pure”)
You may be familiar with a variation of this Irish name; Dwayne. Meaning ‘clean’, Dewain is an old Irish word for pure water. This moniker goes well with any first name, and sure makes for a great nickname!


(meaning “God”)
Jehan, meaning ‘God’ is a very cool name that can be used for any first name, or a pet name. Jehan is also the same old French word for God.


(meaning “warrior”)
Kanin refers to any war-like creature (think dinosaurs or dragons) as well as a “war cry”. It also means “bloodthirsty”, which is also applicable to your little warrior 😉


(meaning “king”)
This name is one of the oldest Irish names and has a very ancient meaning . It means “King” as well as “lord”.


(meaning “young”)
Nihal is an old Irish word for the summer months, and also means “young” or “new”.


(meaning “bright”)
Shivaun is an Irish name used for both genders and means bright and fair, which are two great definitions for your baby!


(meaning “poetess”)
This pretty moniker comes from the Latin word for poet, so this name means poetess. That’s such a nice thing to know about your kid, isn’t it?


(meaning “a strong woman”)
Dee-lish is a very old Irish name meaning strong and wise woman.


(meaning “high” or “tall”)
Rory is a name that means high and quite literally, it can be called high-perched. It’s very fitting for any boy!


Oisin is an old Irish name meaning ‘one who hears’ or ‘hearing one’. It also means ‘little warrior’ and ‘bardic poet’ which is a very noble title.


(meaning “little fiery one” or “little black-haired one”)
If you want to give your son something strong , then Kieran is perfect for you!


(meaning “wise”)
Nia is a very powerful yet beautiful name that means wisdom.


(meaning “God’s grace”)
A very popular Irish name, Seán means God’s grace and mercy. It’s an old Irish moniker that was used in honor of the God of the sea.


(meaning “daughter of prosperity”)
Tairbhe is a very old Irish name and means prosperity. It’s quite fitting for any girl you’re giving it to, as prosperity is important for any girl to have in her life.


The pronunciation of this name is Veeona which is a combination of the Irish words for ‘lady’ and ‘fair.’ This type of name was once used to refer to the goddess of love herself – the patroness of Ireland.


The Irish language and its history have contributed a great deal to the culture and the heritage of the people who inhabit today’s Ireland. The Irish have influenced their neighbours for centuries, from the Scottish Gaelic language, which is closely related to Irish, to Ulster-Scots. Names that are derived from Ireland are no less than beautiful and thanks to this list you now know all you need to choose a name with Irish origins for your baby.

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