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We have a wider collection of maternity essentials available at our stores to meet all the requirements of mothers. Star and Daisy’s commitments are not confined to the baby care alone. We take care of the mother as much as that of the baby. The nourishment of the baby demands the mother to be well and healthy. If the mother is strong, only then she will be able to provide all the things with the baby needs.

So ultimately it becomes necessary to take care of her health. Not only this, in order to avoid various complications during or right after the pregnancy, a mother should arrange a few essentials in order to supply the best care to her and the baby. You have no need to wander around finding the maternity essentials that suit best to your expectations. Star and Daisy have brought to you everything you need all in one place

Our collection includes diaper bags, breast pumps, bottle warmer, storage cabinets, pacifiers, feeders, massage oil, pregnancy pillows, maternity belts and much more. We make sure all the products are rich in quality to give overall support to the mother. All the products are manufactured in such a manner to be the overall supporter of the mother in her special days.