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Baby Rockers & Cribs

While taking the proper care of all the needs of the baby rocker & cribs, we must not forget to put the comfort of the little champ on the first place. The innocent hearts of the babies feel the safest in the lap of their mothers. However, due to our busy schedules, half of our mind stays drifted from the caressing of the baby. Whether the mother is a house wife or a working woman, she cannot be always around the baby to shower her caress, due to her other commitments or tasks. In those busy moments the baby must be in safer and cosier hands, where he can feel as secured as in her mother’s lap. What can be better than ideal crib or rocker, to give your baby the same comfort as the mother’s lap?

Star and Daisy deals in amazing varieties of Rockers and Cribs that will match your lifestyle and comfort requirements. The number of designs loaded with innumerous features make our products, a decent choice for your baby. The updated automatic feature of our cribs, cradles and rockers make them a perfect choice for your child.

When you switch to Star and Daisy, we make sure that you are getting a multifunctionality gadget that will ease your job by making the things convenient for you. At Star and Daisy, you get various models of Cribs, Cradles, Cots and Mother’s lap baby etc. The products come with amazing features like automatic swing, music player, toys, accessories, storage basket, and much more. The Bluetooth connectivity and remote control are the special features of our rockers and cribs.