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When it comes to the appropriate nourishment of the baby, your baby’s feeding essentials become extremely essential part in the process. We cannot feed the babies in conventional manner or in the way the adults do using the spoons, forks or cups. Their small mouths need some specialized tools like feeders to access the proper and safer feeding without choking. However, the babies need different tools of feeding at different ages. For example, your baby needs a feeder till the age of 6 months and later you may need the specialized dinner set along with the feeder when you introduce the solid to the baby.

The amazing baby feeding essentials of Star and Daisy is all you need. Among the hundreds of our feeders, choose the best for your baby. We have feeder available of different sizes according to the age of baby. You also get the variants in feeder as per the shapes and adjustment of nipples. You can gift your baby, the cute Star and Daisy dining accessories specially made for your little one. Our various dinning accessories include – Silicon Adjustable Spoons and Forks, Silicon plates with suction divided, Toddler plates, and much more. Bring home, our silicon baby bibs to make your baby’s meal time non messy and more hygienic. The curved food catcher at the bottom is the special feature of our silicon bib. Star and Daisy’s bottle warmers are there for your escape from the mess of going to the kitchen at midnight for preparing milk for your baby.

Apart from the multiple features, the non-toxic material and stuff used in the manufacturing of our products makes us an ideal choice for your baby. The Star and Daisy’s feeding essentials will for sure make your baby’s feeding process more fun and hygienic.